Fashola Denies Assaulting Morka’s Driver, Children In Traffic Incidence

gov-fashola-with-newsmenThe Lagos State Government has denied reports alleging that Governor Babatunde Fashola ordered his police escorts to manhandle the driver and children of the Executive Director of the Social and Economic Rights Action Centre (SERAC) Felix Morka, during a traffic incident on Tuesday.

In a statement, the government spokesman, Hakeem Bello said “the premise and the content of the message are completely false.”

Explaining what transpired on that day, the statement said “On the aforementioned date, at around 3pm, the Governor was returning from a Security meeting at the headquarters of the State Security Service (SSS) through CMD Road in the Magodo area when his convoy and other road users got blocked by a man who had driven his Jeep with Registration number KU 549 KJA against the flow of traffic. The identity of the owner was later established to be Felix Morka.

“The gentleman in question had contravened a traffic law by vacating his own lane and driving against oncoming traffic. This had resulted in him blocking other road users, including the Governor’s convoy, from progressing on their journey. After about two minutes, in which the driver bluntly refused to reverse and move to his own side of the road as politely requested by the Police escorts, the Governor instructed his Aide-de-Camp to investigate what was going on.

“Mr. Felix Morka’s driver was immediately arrested by the Policemen. He was charged to court on Wednesday 27th March as is the norm for such traffic offences.

“At no point were the occupants of Mr. Felix Morka’s vehicle harassed or molested. Mr. Morka’s claim that his driver’s arrest was connected to his criticism of this administration is laughable. No one in the convoy knew who he was at the point the vehicle he was in was driven against the normal flow of traffic, the reasons for his driver’s arrest were due to a clear contravention of a well-known law. Further, photographic and video evidence are available which will be used in the prosecution.”



  1. As much as Governor Fashola might not order molestation on the said day, Nigeria’s coward and senseless policemen, being what they are notoriously known for, could not have arrested the driver without molesting him, at least to show off their lack decorum.
    While I do not support Morka’s driving against traffic (if it is true), I disagree that our policemen can arrest anybody who is not highly placed or connected without molestations, instances abound

  2. Is d man above d law? if he kills any other road user in that process who will be responsible,let him face his lawless and fake life in court or pay his fine.

  3. Nigeria! Everyone is law unto himself. Blackmailing is the name of the game. So now that he’s caught contravening traffic, Morka or what does he call himself now realises that since he’s been criticising Fashola’s government he can now disobey the law by putting the lives of other road users into danger and get away with. Maximum application of the traffic law is recommended here please.

  4. Well, one tin am so sure of is dat Nigerian Police will neva arrest anyone witour harassing such. An incident took place in my area rite @ my full glare, dre was a misundastndin btw some set of pple n d Police were invited, gettin dre I guess few pple were like I issue shud be settled amicably witout havin to go to d station but trust our Police dey refuse maybe den dre was a scuffle. Police went to reinforce only to come back wit dre truck, shootin sporadically into d air n arrestin evryone around dat area(involve or not), infct one opened his mouth n said, “I will shoot n kill u all u tink I can’t do it…..” I was so ashamed n bittered hearin dat 4rm our Police officer whose salaries r paid 4rm our tax money!
    So 4 dis spoken person to av said, he asked politely is totally FALSE if ordinary Police 4rm a station cud do dat den wat do u expect of a police attached to d Gov, if he kills he wud link it to armed robbery attack!

  5. if the said man is guilty of the charges, let him face the law and let the law tk it’s full cause but one tin is clear, our police will never make any arrest without molestation and that’s bcos of their lack of decorum.

  6. I think it is always good to hear from both sides, especially on traffic issues in Lagos, before taking any position. I remember a woman purportedly accused of killing a LASTMA official (May his memory be blessed) sometime last year. We were very quick in passing condemnable comments on the woman after reading from the Ministry of Transport. I am one of the people who passed negative comments, then. But after my experience with traffic officials implementing the traffic law, I have been very cautious in making comments on issues like that.

    I have read government and Morka’s account and I think there is more to the issue than meet the eyes.

    The incident from the 2 accounts happened on CMD road which is a single lane for coming and going vehicles. If it is now a one-way, then there is trouble because I do pass the road evryday. From Morka’s account, he confirmed that his vehicles ventured into the other lane facing the on-coming vehicles, on directive from an ordinary citizen who is helping to control traffic because a vehicle has stalled on his own lane. This happen every time on that road.

    He said the governor’s security men ran back, after moving forward, to effect arrest. To me, the arrest was based on impulse or after thought because it was not effected on-spot. Something is amiss there because the man claimed Governor Fashola saw him and they have known each other for more than 20 years.

    I read the bail conditions for the drivers and I was amazed that even people who stole billions of Naira from Nigerians were never given this type of conditions. This is outrageous and with speed they are in prison. Leaving Morka out of this and we assume that these bail conditions are what traffic offenders will face in Lagos and speedy transfer to prison, then we have successfully mortgage our society all in the name of traffic control. I think we need to watch the implementation of this law. It is Morka today, it could be any other person tomorrow. For you to bypass a vehicle on a single lane road, you automatically become a criminal and thrown into a prison, it leaves much to be desired in Lagos.

    The man also mentioned the task force office in Alausa. It is better to be in kidnappers den than to be in that place. When you stand in front of the judge, you must plead guilty whether you are right or wrong. Your failure to plead not guilty, the victim and his family will see hell. Please pray, pray, pray, pray and pray that in your existence in Lagos, you will never visit the place. And to visit the place is just as simple as opening and closing your eyes, it could be any small issue as buying indomie opposite your house, just pray and pray.

    I hope this high handedness of government will come to an end soon.

  7. @Madu, evritin na blackmail for ur govt. face. Wen una govnor lock our maket for Ladipo wey Okorocha come apeal to am, na blackmail ur govenor dey talk. This man wey you take now, beat am come put am for prison, na blackmail. Everiting na blackmail, na wen you go see whitemail, yeye.


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