Gov. Akpabio Donates Brand New Prado Jeep To 2Face And Annie As Wedding Present

Tuface Idibia and Annie Macaulay’s traditional wedding ceremony took place Friday afternoon in Eket, the bride’s home town in Akwa Ibom state.

Guests, family, friends & colleagues from the entertainment industry were on hand to support the couple who have been termed entertainment’s hottest couple but the surprise of the evening would be the donation of a brand new Prado jeep as a wedding gift by Akwa Ibom state governor, Godswill Akpabio who personally attended the pre-wedding party last night.

The governor also promised to send 30 men to Dubai to attend the white wedding of the couple which will hold on the 23rd of March.

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  1. y waste money, wen pple are suffering, dere are so many in dis country dat dnt get dis type of opportunity. 2face can afford to get all these. if u rily want to show appreciation u can encourage dem in deir entertainment industry. dere are so many pple who dnt hav a shelter & food to eat & here u ar wasting money on dose who already hav, pls think b4 u do things.

    • @suliat he gave them a gift of a jeep you are there complaining what if he gave them a house what would have done? That means you will cry my dear please appreciate good thing.

  2. You people can LIE sha. You just told us in another story on this site that the Gov. bought two ‘Jeeps’ for 2face and Annie. Now you say it’s ONE. Then, in the other story you said 29 Delegates from Akwa Ibom State will be in Dubai, and now here you said 30.

    Please tell us what do believe. Two SUVS, or ONe? 29 Delegates or 30?

  3. Am happy my chairman hasn’t 4gotten where he began 4rm. 2Baba carry go, Nothing dey happen, Nfana ibaga. CoNgRaTs. One love…

  4. Dis is d life dat we all ask for…….. 2baba i wish hapi married life…….NO SHAKING…………nd 2 akpabio,WELL DONE

  5. d truth is alway sounding some how in some pples here ,some pple are suffering in ur state while some have no house,money work e.t.c why dont u provide dat in ur country so pple will pray 4 u.2baba is rich already so why are waisting money on unnecessary fact pls be careful and also let me tell u something if u are blessed by God dat does not means dat all richies and wealth is meant 4 only u but 4 ur family and d needys in ur state and areas purpose let us reasoning like a human being no body knows tommorrow.

  6. I dnt really undastand watz happenin in Nigeria, d rich r gettin richer why d poor r gettin poorer, d money of d jeep shud av bin used 4 oda tins 4 d bettament of d unemployed youths in d state.

  7. Pple shld learn 2 appreciate ones progress. Gov akpabio might decide 2 give his 2 term salaries as gift 2 anybody he wishes it doesnt concern anybody.2face deserve more than a prado jeep from nigerian 4 making d country proud in african continent pls think of what u will do 4 urself so that one day during ur own wedding one gov will give u prado jeep as a gift. 2baba congrats may GOD bless ur union.


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