Group Calls On Jonathan To Extradite International Fugitive, Alams To UK

alamco_thief_thief_finalThe Policy and Legal Advocacy Centre (PLAC) has called for the extradition of former Bayelsa state governor, Chief D.S.P. Alamieyeseigha to the UK to face pending charges of corruption in the UK courts in line with Nigeria’s international treaty obligations.

The PLAC’s position was made known in a statement signed by Clement Nwankwo yesterday which said Alamieyeseigha’s “pardon rubbishes Nigeria’s international treaty and other obligations and its standing in the comity of nations.”

Continuing, the statement read “It should be noted that in addition to being convicted in Nigeria, Alamieyeseigha also has an international warrant of arrest issued by the UK authorities around the world for his arrest and extradition to face trial for charges that are still pending in the UK.

“In other words, Alamieyeseigha is an international fugitive from justice. The Nigerian authorities needed to have taken into account that the case against Alamieyeseigha is an extra-territorial and internationalized issue exceeding just Nigeria’s legal territorial boundaries and cutting across the world,” the PLAC said.



  1. Why the Western countries allow African countries to have rogues as leaders? When in 2011 Jonathan was ethno-religiously rigged into Presidency which country was first to legitimize his coming? Britain! So now if they care about Nigeria sincerely let them show regret of that crime. White body,black mannerism.

  2. it’s a sorry case, Nigerians can’t think well anymore they had been over powered by poverty which their so-called leader forced on them, they would still vote pdp in 2015 , the name goodluck doesn’t work what their going to use is don’t vote notherner because of boko haram, is boko haram not killing northerners, Nigerians are so easy to turn around like sheep.

  3. Alams or Arams or whatever his name is should be killed the way they kill them in singapore, this is absurd Goodluck jonathan is nothing but a redundant good for nothing imposed prisoner both of them are bitches!


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