”Holy Spirit Led Me To Start This Church”- General Overseer Of Nigerian Gay Church


Despite the Federal Government’s intolerance for Gay activities in Nigeria, Reverend Jide Macaulay, has damned all consequences and reopened his gay church, House of Rainbow in Lagos.

Its primary vision is to reach out to sexual minorities in Nigeria, UK, and around the world.

Rev Rowland Jide Macaulay is a confirmed and ordained Pastor who founded the House Of Rainbow Church in 2006. He openly held Sunday services in a Lagos hotel hall decked out with rainbow flags until the public revolted against the church.

He then fled to the UK after death threats.

Read Pastor Jide’s views on homo-sexuality below:

“For me I have always been gay and I never became gay.

I became aware of my same sex attraction whilst living in Nigeria at the age of seven. Boys flirt with each other unknowing all the time and it was at this stage that I was more aware of my emotional, physical, mental and sexual attraction to boys.

I was 14 when I had my first sex with a guy, it was filled with curiousity, passion, embarassment and guilt as with with any heterosexual having sex for the first time.

By this age I had become a youth leader in the church and had spent time reading the bible including discovering chapters that “condemned” homosexuality.

Imagine the furore of my life? Now I have to be discrete, secretive and live a lie. When I look back at my life it never stopped my same sex attractions.

Fast forward thirty years, I am now fully confident that being gay is my natural being and I regretted ever trying to be straight.

I regretted that I did not get the education and appropriate spiritual development to be a gay man. I can understand that and that is why I am determined that the short life I may live in this world I trust God for the development of inclusive Christian education to enable the freedom of the mind, body, soul and spirit.

Recently, my father asked me to prove that homosexuality is genetics. I just looked at him and pointed to myself, “ME” you made me, you gave birth to a homosexual boy he was anxious to know more, so I asked him to prove to me that God is real, not that I don’t know but if we were to play “doubting Thomas”, lets lay all the cards out.

My homosexuality is real, I am gay and I did not become gay, just like I am black and I did not become black. This is a great way to move forward in life and let the world know that they may hate us but God Adores Us.

House Of Rainbow Fellowship is an inclusive Christian community, that welcomes all people and does not discriminate against LGBTI people (of faith or no faith).

I am proud that the Holy Spirit has led me to start this group, (nearly five years). We are growing with passion and relevance and it is my hope that we would be able to advance the learning and inclusion of all people.

I love myself and it is my daily prayer and hope that millions of LGBTI people around the world, their friends and families will come to understand and love them.”

Source: MojiDelano




  1. Your mistake was that u have lied against the Holy Spirit, bcose you are the devil messenger, you are bound to be destroyed in hell fire. You still have chance to repent now. Do it b4 it is too late for you.

  2. Pastor am sure Holy Spirit cant say such a wicked tin. B careful of lying against the Holy Spirit cos He is a consuming fire and homosexuality is against d BIBLE.

  3. pastor indeed,u claimed dt holy spirit directed u,kindly expanciate ow it waz revealled if nt wat u’ve been practising dt u dream of,it would hv been beter 4 u 2 repent b4 d wrath of god decend upon u,hp u remember d generatn dt was destroyed bcoz of dis sinful act

  4. I don’t know who ordained you a pastor, but be it as it may, you don’t need to get to hell before you receive the reward of this wicked act because you mentioned holy spirit as your guide. Sodom was destroyed because of this wicked act, if u don’t take time…

  5. Morning pastor , you don’t have to blame your dad or any body rather you should blame your self because you choose that pattern of life… God is too merciful , slow to anger . If you seek him with a sincere heart i believe he can revive and make you a new person but you need to admit evil as evil ,it is demonic in nature. Holy spirit can not instruct you to open a gay Ministry at is blasphemy.

  6. Who d hell ordained dis idiot…..go read d bible u’ve commited d only unforgiveable sin”blasphemy against d holy spirit”…uve met ur doom

  7. Dnt lie against d holy spirit, u are demonic, repent or u perish. Jesus died for people like u, d word of God says do not lie (sin) against d H O L Y S P I R I T.

  8. What a load of crap! I pity you rowland, for you have lied against the Holy spirit, why don’t you tell us what you think about the part of the bible that condemned homosexuality, and then show us the part that said its okay. Shame on you, that you sought to decieve the souls to the devil just for your personal gain, because you know the kind of fame you would get from all this charade, but God will so judge you and meet out befitting purnishment for you.

    • How I pity your parent I only regret dat u are a yoruba man. Your life is full of shame only u didn’t realse it. Wot holy spirit led u to gay an act dat God ruin a whole nation u are an idiot go check your brain

  9. We are in d endtime as d Bible made us undastand. D so-called Pastor Rowland is a ready and willing tool in d hands of d devil. He is a son of pedition.

  10. First. I must tell u dat those who are calling u pastor are making a great mistake. They should have called u “BISHOP OF HELL” Except u repent, ur days will never know peace.

  11. Jide, honestly your story, your condition…I mean everything about you is pitiable. Your situation reminds me of a thief that was cought some your ago, stealing cassava from farm. He was apprehended and taking to police station. An officer asked him why did you do this, he sacarstically said it was God. apparently this guy belong to the muslim sect who believe that whatever they do must have be predestined by thier god. The policeman was enraged and gave the guy some slap for the mockery of religion.
    Jide, you need to face the fact, you refused to turn to Christ and tame your fleshly desires but fell for homosexuality and your other sins, just as armed robbers, drug addict, prositute, hire assasins,cultist…name them refused to. It is not the Holy Spirit. It is sin in you. Before it is late, repent and turn to God for help

  12. If sodom and gomorrah suffered for this very terrible act against God, what do u think God will do 2 dis generation of vipers? Christ is d answer to d world 2day

  13. i taught this act is abolished in nigeria,were are the law enforcement agencies,let them arrest him,sue him and jail him for life imprisonment or let him face death sentence

  14. i taught this act is abolished in nigeria,were are the law enforcement agencies,let them arrest him,sue him and jail him for life imprisonment or let him face death sentence.

  15. Surfer not the witch to live. Every other sin can be forgiven but the sin against the holy spirit can never be forgiven. Who even sent you? Or, is it a joke? May God have mercy on you. Please return to Christ he will save your soul and if not, I pray that you will face the wrath of God alone without a convert. In short you are lost you need to be redirected

  16. Oh! How I pity your parents. God, if my seeds will turn out to be like Jide, let me remain barren. Jide, is it poverty? or u are just an agent of lucifer sent to make disciples for him. Whoever sent you have really destroyed your life. Turn to Christ Jesus before it is too late, He is waiting for you with arms opened wide. Take a bold step of faith today. God loves you!!!

  17. I pity u sir, no one liar against HOLY SPIRIT and live, did you remember the case of Ananias and Sapphira how they liar to peter but it was a pity bcos peter told them you have not liar to me but unto HOLY SPIRIT and both died immediately, sir i pray that u should repent bcos your day of mourning is declare already if u did not change.

  18. I must confess about the insincerity with humans. Many gays must have read this and contributed negatively to this by saying terrible comments. Hypocrites!
    I must say that there is difference between being gay and gay sex just like being straight and heterosexual sex. One being a straight does not mean that he must have had sexual intercourse with a female,its the feeling within;the liking of a girl sexually. Likewise,being gay does not mean having sex with a guy,its how you feel within. As there a heterosexual virgins so there
    are homosexual virgins. That would be a gay guy who has the sexual feeling for guys but has not had sex with one. That is why when you look up the meaning of homosexual,heterosexual and bisexual in a dictionary,emphasis is laid on “sexual feelings” and not the act.
    God hates homosexual acts and tendencies that is why even though the people in Sodom and Gomorrah had not sexed those angels,God still destroyed the land because they made their intention so clear. God in the book of Romans chapter 1 versus 26 and 27 said He gave them up to “disgraceful sexual conduct”. This means two things;1,God has knowledge of gay 2, and He permitted or allowed it to multiply by allowing them in that disgraceful act.
    Just like drinking and eating is no sin but when you become drunk or a glutton,that is when you have sinned. Being heterosexual is no sin but when you commit fornication or adultery it becomes a sin so being gay is no sin but when you have gay sex or demonstrate such tendencies,that is when its a sin!
    So if this man of God encourages sexual mis- conduct amongst his congregation of gays;that’s when its wrong. But I want readers to acknowledge this painful truth: been gay is not a sin but gay sex is wrong! There are factors that can influence one to it but also know that there are those born as gays! Mutation can cause it and just as Romans chapter 1 vs 26 and 27 reveals,our Heavenly Father,indirectly permitted it but as a means of punishment.


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