How Security Operatives Foiled Boko Haram Plot To Bring Down Jonathan’s Plane

Borno-JonathanFresh facts have emerged that the cache of weapons recovered from radical Islamist sect – Boko Haram – was planned for use during President Goodluck Jonathan’s visit to the highly volatile states of Yobe and Borno States last week Thursday and Friday.

It was reported that few hours after the departure of President Jonathan, operatives of the JTF ambushed a hideout of suspected Boko Haram members in Maiduguri where they killed 20 of them and recovered sophisticated weapons, including guns that had the capacity to bring down aircraft.

Also recovered at the Jajeri suburb hideout of the militants were two technical vehicles with mounted Anti-Aircraft Stands.

This was disclosed at a media briefing by the Joint Task Force, JTF, throught its spokesperson, Lieutenant Colonel Sagir Musa.

But for the vigilance of security agents, the insurgents had allegedly finalized plans to attack the plane of President Goodluck Jonathan while flying into Maiduguri, Borno State capital, on Thursday for his two-day visit.

The under listed weapons, ammunition, uniforms and other items were recovered in Friday’s operation:

3 anti aircraft guns; 10 rocket propelled grenade tubes; 3 general purpose machine guns; 17 AK47 rifles; 3 G3 rifles;    1 pistol (lama);

20 RPG bombs; 12 RPG chargers; 1x 36 hand held grenade; 1 teargas rifle; 33 AK 47 magazines;  11 FN magazines; 3 G3 magazines; 11,068 assorted ammunitions;

2 technical vehicles with mounted anti aircraft stands; 1 box of weapons cleaning kit; 4 swords and two knifes; 5 walking talkies; 4 VHF hand held sets; 1 multi links router; and assorted uniforms and kits.


  • Funny things never end in Nigeria. Ride on security since you’ve got a dummy or collaborator as a chief security of the notion you can make any type of claim. Now millions of naira will accrue into their accounts for a job well done. While the political jobber in Aso rock will earn the sympathy of some ignorant and ethno-religious savages. Open your eyes Nigerians!

    • That’s an ancouth comment from you!Over the years the country was under the mie-rule of the inept and parochial Muslim Northern leadership,the country enjoyed absolute peace.Now that we have a popular and a democratically elected president from a different part of the country occupying an office you people see as your natural birthright,you’ve resorted to insurgency and all kind of de-stablization in a bid to intimidate and sack him from the office he’s legitimately occupying.You people have taken the rest of the country for a ride for too long.Now the game is over for you people!A total reshuffling of the cards and rebalancing of the equation for the sake of equity and fairness is now taking place.With this kind of hostile attitude from you people towards a popular and democratically elected government,it will take a very long time before the Muslim North can occupy that office again,if at all.That’s if the country remains one in the near future.You better wake up and adjust to the new reality.Days of your unchecked dominance and lording it over the rest of us is gone for good!

  • I know some worthless fools will believe this baldadash.If Boko Haram have this cache,only NATO can stop them frm bringing the plane of Dr of zoology down.

    • We already know the mindset of you people–to boot GEJ out of office–that’s why you will continue in your usual ridiculous denials even in the face of hard evidence.All the evil machinations of you enemies of the nation will surely come to null.You people over your years in power,drove the country into a ditch that GEJ is working hard to get it out from.Stop using BH to frustrate his good effort!Embrace democracy,and not BH!

  • It would’ve sound embarrassing, stupid, senseless & shameful fr a successful & highly honoured human being like our president 2 die in de hands of animals. I highly recommend de effort of de members of JTF. May God continue to help dem in de good work they are doing. But let de president change his orientation positively in dealing with dese animals. It’s time fr action & nt words. Shine ur eyes Mr president even with those u’re walking with. They may be ur enemies. May the almighty God continue to protect u Mr President.

  • the question,hw did dis militant come across this ammunition,is supplied by the military or does it get past the navy or customs,how??

  • Hahaha another animal talk How Security Operatives Foiled Boko Haram Plot To Bring Down Jonathan’s Plane, 9ja journerlist ar lazy journerlist animals.

  • I would advise that JTF should monitor the online comments of some illiterate Notherners who always draw support for the heinous activities of Boko Haram even when their activities are glaringly clear . This bunch of ignoramus should be regarded as members of the sect & should also be treated as such. My respect goes to educated Notherners who know the grave consequences of the activities of this group to the Nothern society.

  • Only yesterday a group of terrorist & cold blooded
    murderers announced 2 d world that they’ve
    killed all 7 of their hostages. The group which is
    referred 2 as ‘ansaru’ for short claims it’s goal is
    to protect muslims in black africa. I ask, how
    they intend 2 do dis by killing some innocent
    expatriate who left d comfort of their well devt
    land 2 execute a legitimate job in northern
    nigeria? How is Islam a religion of ‘Peace’, wen
    all acts of terrorism & violence all over d world is
    associated wit Islam? They go by all sorts of
    names ‘Alquaida’ Taliban’ Boko Haram’ Ansaru’
    etc… all these Islamic organisations have a clear
    objective, they’re oppose to growth &
    development, peace & progress, they are
    vampires and blood suckers. How can anybody
    convince a sane and reasonable person that
    Islam stands 4 peace wen it’s footprints &
    trademarks of violence & terror continue to stare
    us daily on d face? how can u say that Islam
    means well for me wen all it does is 2 seek 2
    terminate my life & those of my kind? Islam is no
    religion, It is a Cult, a cult that survives on
    human blood & only thrives wen non members
    suffer from its rain of terror. Alas! ‘He that kills
    by d sword shall surely die by d sword’.

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