If Nigerians Choose To Suffer By Supporting Fuel Subsidy Removal, We’ll Support Them – NLC

NLCGEJOrganised labour on Wednesday warned President Goodluck Jonathan against another petrol price hike as it would deepen the suffering of several members of organised labour and  other Nigerians who are not  part of  “the affluent middle class .”

Jonathan, had at a Nigeria Summit in Lagos on Tuesday stated that his administration would still remove fuel subsidy after due consultations with Nigerians but the Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC, said that even though it did not know the form the consultations the President spoke about would take, it maintained its stance that fuel price increase was inimical to the well-being of Nigerians.

However, Labour said that its opposition to fuel subsidy removal could only change if Nigerians took a decision to embrace suffering.

“We  have a subsisting position on the issue of the removal of the fuel subsidy. Our position is that the issue of fuel increase is something that Nigerians cannot live with; The President should drop it” Deputy President of the NLC, Chief Promise Adewusi said.

“We do not know the mode of the  consultations that the Federal Government  intends  to take. However, unless Nigerians decide to swallow hardship, then it could happen. Our  disagreement is not just to disagree but because of our members, and other Nigerians who we feel will suffer from  an increase in fuel price.

“They want to consult with Nigerians; and you can see that they are going beyond labour.  Let us wait;  maybe  there is going to be a referendum or a plebiscite so that it would not be as if you are fighting the removal when the people you are fighting for are supporting it.

“Let us wait for the modality for the consultations.


  1. I am in total support of removal of subsidy. Labour should allow us speak. I want it removed, I want to know what the money is used for. Any person or persons/group/groups who sain no to removal of fuel subsidy is/are making gains out of it. Jonathan should go ahead without delay to remove subsidy.

  2. @Ofor,pls let me ask you quetion on this subsidy removal of a thing,the gain that was made between jan 2012 up till now what do they use it for ? you & G.e.j should answer that.

  3. He his still talk about the subside what have they use the one they have remove for getting to one an half year now, Jonathan should stop it.

  4. We’re not against the removal of fuel subsidy but against our government that are not living up to expectation. The subsidy bill was propose last year and after the increase from N65 to N97 per litre what has been the gain? Definately NOTHING. So what do they hpe to achieve when it is fully removed. The masses are suffering while some are smilling to the bank. If the electricity (power) is constant in Nigeria most pple will not feel it but more than 75 percent of the population depend on it and when it’s not stable most business will be forced to relocate or fold up and this will not help us as it’ll leave many pple jobless.

  5. Is like our president is running mad.try dis madnes again and see,the worst most be takin to ur doorstep if u dia try dis rubish again.i dont know whether dead pple can stil liv 2 enjoy ur so-call plan 4 nigerians,bcs most pple are sterve dead already.

  6. We nigerians are always fooled becos we dnt dnt knw our right or left,if nt no any barga & lootar can come out n talk abt any fuel subsidy isue afta uselesly scondrin d former witout any outcome. Let me say ds vividly; if any Gov’t try anytin like ds i tink wht hapend in oda neigborng countries wil surely hapen here in Nigeria. And evry bagar wil com dwn n then a new Gov’t wil b force in. We cnt tolerate ds nonsens 4rm Mr President or his Cabinet!!!

  7. hmmm! They said certificate as no purchasing power,I disagree wth dat! Mchum! Did he pass through d school?, who told him is possible to deceive all the people at all time, u even call ur self an educationist! What a shame!!!! Exhorting money from d lower class with full passion with out considering their life to some few idiot!,…thu thy said if a man would have half of is wishes, he will double is troubles. Are u saying u can do anythng good wthout removing subsidy? Who will live to enjoy it,ur children’s ryt?cos many are dead already with the little u remove. what have u don so far wth d little u remove? And I bliv thy have been a fix budget 4everythng wth d absent of subsidy! Where are doz money going to?why are u summing to people problems?Oh ooh is dat a new way of making money? If u think we can ask u! We have sm1 who will ask and force u to account for everythng!…been in the church every sunday doz not count, u knowz wat God call people like you.notng las 4rever man!!! We will live to witness how u guys will end!!!!

  8. Mr. President! Listen very well. It was nt God plan 4 u to carry Nigerians frm frying pan 2 fire! I believe, those dat survive death during ur campaign wl nt forgive u & ur mercyless carbinate! Our prayers 4 ur success wl soon turn 2 be 4 ur dead, ‘cos ur disasterous plan is burrying us alive. DO SOMETHING NOW! Don’t b decieved!!

  9. @Ofor,you must be a stupid human being and you an idiot for your comment about subsidy removal.God will purnish you and your evil doer,especially you people supporting the removal of oil subsidy and people removing [email protected],once again you are a mad man and stupid human being,God will purnish you.(Amen)

  10. I think this man is runing mad upon all what is happening you didn’t find ways to stop it. It is not you fort we that elect someone that cannot head his family to head the country.you are totaly a failure

  11. I think this man is runing mad upon all what is happening you didn’t find ways to stop it. It is not you problems, we that elect someone that cannot head his family to head the country.you are totaly a failure

  12. am nt against d removal of fuel subsidy too,bt d govt shuld giv acct of d money dey realised btw jan 2012 to date.we hav d rite 2 knw hw d money has been spent,n what abt d refinaries r dey no longer building it n wat abt d maintenance of d old one’s.dis s unanswered questions?


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