I’ll Like To Change My Tribe From Igbo To Yoruba – Nollywood Actor, Larry Koldsweat

larry90He has made so much impact in Nollywood to the extent that some of the stars the industry is proud of today have his touch in their lives.

The Igbo born actor who has turned a pastor has revealed in an interview that he’s if he had the opportunity of coming back to this world again, he would still be an actor and a pastor but he would love to be a Yoruba man by birth and inclination.

Hear him, “If I have to come back to this world, I will be an actor again, I will be pastor and I will be a Nigerian again but I’ll like to change my tribe, I will like to be a Yoruba man (laughs). Reasons are, Yoruba people are very receptive; they are the only people that can give you a land irrespective of your tribe.

They have a large heart. This is my 40th year in Yorubaland and God made me what I am today in Yoruba land. I am a Lagosian take it or leave it. This is where my children can call their home, this is where we met God; this is where I made my dream and it is where I met my wife.”

I think this is a good one for the Yorubas, in fact, Lagos State should be proud to have this kind of commendation from an Igbo man


  1. Go and hug the transformer bcos people like are not suppose to be an Igbo man. Wait oh, go and trace ur origin bcos is like u came through d back and there is nothing that shows that u are an Igbo man. Papa loolo……….

  2. Are u telling us dat God mistakenly made u Igbo. Sir, u re too matured to make dis comment on air, if it had been ur grand children dat made dis comment it would have being OK seeing dat they are kids. WE THE NDI IGBO HERE BY DECLARE YOU EXCOMMUNICATED

  3. The man has spoken his mind, sumtin i want to let all you guys to know is that, Igbos and yorubas are one, we both love each.

  4. The igbo people blasting this man are Ignorant,everybody is entitle to his/her own opinion,is his choice,this really shows me dat u are enemy of the country’s progress whether yoruba,hausa or igbo are we not the same nigerian?I beg go sleep


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