Illuminati: Kanye West New Album Title ”I AM GOD”


Kanye West is known for making shocking and controversial headlines with the decisions he makes, but if this rumor is true and Kanye West goes through with it, this could take the cake for the most controversial thing he has done so far in his career.

According to BBC in an article about what Kanye West and Kim Kardashian might name their first born child, it was revealed that Kanye is contemplating naming his upcoming album I Am God.

Mixed emotions greet reports that Kanye West is considering calling his first child North. It’s a good joke, from a slightly unexpected source (neither the rapper nor his possibly even more famous partner, Kim Kardashian, are best known for their self-deprecating sallies, although the title Kanye is supposed to be contemplating for his new album, I Am God, is said to be “half tongue-in-cheek”).

Rumored titles for Kanye‘s upcoming album have been Black American Psycho, Rich Black American and a combination of the two–Rich Black American Psycho, but if Kanye goes through with it the project might now be titled I Am God.

Kanye West made headlines back in 2006 when he appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone wearing a crown of thorns, covered in blood dressed as Jesus Christ on the cross. That was controversial at the time, but this just might one up that.

If Kanye really titles his new album I Am God, people will surely react to it. Religious buffs, Fox News and Illuminati conspiracy theorists would have a ball. Make no mistake about it.



  1. Lol kenya, how would you say you are God, I guess illuminati is taking over your brain and its making you go real mad. This is so wack plzzzz…. Lord forgive kenya for he does not know what he is saying,,God is God and there is no other God because he is almighty?

  2. Kanye west, u can only play your pranks or jokes on anything in the world but remember, GOD the almighty, the creator of the heaven n earth, the owner of the day n the night, the owner of the moon n the sun, the creator of both man, spirit, angels n other animals, the creator of the land n the sky is never n never HE who u should joke with his name. Better repent now or u get perished. Remember, hell is a place for who goes against GOD n paradise is home for those who obeys HIM. Repent now…..!!!.

  3. The fear of God is the begining of a long life. My God can share all things with man but HE cant share HIS GLORY with any man, West be warned yoy need to repend or you may not have this opportunity again

  4. Divine Love -The importance of not Judging Others. Mtt.7.1. So , the spirit is one and is of God . God is therefore omnipresent , everywhere, in you . The RAEL YOU IS GOD .Get that very clear now before we proceed . Please it’s not evil for you to say I am God . Remember that the Jesus Christ said behold the kingdom of God is WITHIN You ? The most vital thing in human activity is the necessity of postively refusing to sit in judgment on the activity of another HUMAN BEING . To condem , criticize or feel curious about the affairs of another , except to wish them Godspeed and not evil . When an individual feels that he or she canot give forth Divine Love , it’s because that one does not understand the True Activity of Love . The Christ attitude would be to send great love to all , and not to wish anyone death ? It’s so unwise for one of Gods children to sit in judgment upon another :For to do so , means that we are not exercising the full confidence in the Almighty presence of God anchored in the Heart of every one of His creations .Please the surest way of blocking our prayer is to hold a GRUDGE . Forgiveness is the key to LOVE. Thank you for reading and God bless you forever Amen .