INEC too Corrupt to deliver any meaningful elections in 2015 – Buhari

buhari89Former Head of State and Leader of the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC), Maj-Gen Muhammadu Buhari, has passed a vote of no confidence on the leadership of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), accusing the body of being deep in corruption, and expressing his doubts over its ability to transparently conduct the 2015 elections.

Buhari made these allegations during a lecture he delivered at the African Diaspora Conference in London, where he said only wholesale changes in the top echelons of INEC could cleanse it of this corruption.

According to Buhari, INEC, as currently constituted, “would be unable to deliver any meaningful elections in 2015… INEC’s top echelons are immersed deep in corruption and only wholesale changes at the top could begin to cure malaise. What is required is a group of independent minded people, patriotic, incorruptible but with the capacity to handle such a strenuous assignment of conducting elections in Nigeria.”

The elder statesman also did not spare the Judiciary for its role in previous elections in the country, saying that it was appalling that the electoral body had developed a very cozy relationship with the Executive and Judicial arms of government that its impartiality is totally lost: “In 2003, INEC tabled results in court which were plainly dishonest. We challenged them to produce evidence for the figures. They refused. The judges supported them by saying, in effect, failure to produce the result does not negate the elections… In a show of unprecedented dishonesty and unprofessionalism, the President of the Court of Appeal read out INEC’s figures (which they refused to come to court to prove or defend) as the result accepted by the court… The Supreme Court, the highest court in the land, said this was okay.”


  1. Buhari should go and rest, all these old men should give chance to other young leaders they might be the once to pull this country through to the next levels. You can check this web for some interesting entertainment stuffz

  2. Already you know it Mr Buhari that your completely a failure. Your just a stupid aboki. Leave our GEj alone you’ve coursed enough havoc in this country go and face your old age. Whether INEC will deliver a transparency result during the 2015 election or not go and sleep or better still go and hang your frustration somewhere. Idiot. All the innocent blood will locate you soon.

    • what is the connection between the statement of Buhari and your comment? Except you are a direct or indirect beneficiary of this govt. you will suffer till you die all in the name of hypocrisy. Please use your head .

  3. @Ochoa , why insult Buhari, do you think what he said is lie? We are all together in this country and we also know who is who in this country, we know all the thievs including GEJ in this country, Buhari is the of the people who have the interest of the poor masses at haert so if you like call him any name or better still call him Osaman Biladem but we all know who the Boko Haram are and who Buhari is to this greath Nation. UP APC 4 2015:

  4. @ochoa, dey say ‘charity begin @ home’ i dnt suprise wen i read some of idiot, he/she goat, senseless, ignorant sons/daughters of 9ja LOST SHEEP comments. Is dat wot d master taught u? Is dat wot ur association u pple called religion teachs u ? Think twice b4 u comment

  5. Am biggining to like, i pray he will not be one sided if he finally emerges as presidnt in 2015. And @ ochoa, why not coment what you think will bring development intead of insulting ur ex-president

  6. Ogah Buhari Sir…true talk, on this particular occasion. INEC is a minus. The Nigerian judiciary is a minus minus. And you Sir, aren’t ‘trusthworthy’ (As regards your role in the post electiont voilence, considering your various comments at that period.)…what a dilema, for ‘us’ and ‘our’ dear country NIGERIA.

  7. @Ochao, u know sm ppl were conceived or borned b/4 mariage, so dus type ov ppl wat ever they said we wil never tak it at somtin. In my spclt u ar amon dus ppl, p/s try n go to sch n learn displine or hw to talk to ur masters.

  8. Buhari is saying this either because he knows there is no room for him in Nigeria. All of u talking and supporting Buhari what do you know about his rule. Is he not one of the people who said if he does not win the elections blood will be shed? What happened immediately the result was released… Lives and properties were lost. Buhari is an empty vessel and a loser, you all can say anything u want insult and abuse… I know one thing for sure he does not give a hoot about Nigeria. You can insult and fight other people over APC and Buhari. This i know they are not the change we need. And i won’t waste my time i nsulting others because of a group who do not care about Nigerians. Buhari has failed and wil still fail…. the last elections conducted by INEC was said to be free and fair…. So Buhari take a seat and watch from the side…..

  9. Enof of dis biro/pen criminals in dis country,if we allow P.D.P to continue to rule dis country,dats shows dat dis country wil not experienc positive change,lets try other party in order to score P.D.P.

  10. Buhari you’re a failure & wicked,where you not the idiot that imprisoned Tunde Thompson & Nduka Irabor with your stupid decree No 4,now you’re following a tout Tinibu to talk rubbish,Boko Haram Sponsor.


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