Jos: Women Attack STF Officers In Riyom, Injure Six

PlateauwomenJosSix officers of the Special Task Force (STF) in Jos, Plateau state have been injured when they were attacked by some Berom women in Rim village in Riyom local government area of the state.

A statement by STF’s media and information officer Captain Salisu Mustapha said the women became violent and started hurling insult, and throwing dangerous objects including stones  at STF personnel who were on a search operation in the area; injuring six of them in the process.

“What happened in Rim was a usual random check and search operation that is conducted by STF in recent times all over the state against which the women mobilized themselves and prevented the personnel from doing their work and started calling for the withdrawal of the troop from Rim.

“The operation was necessitated following intelligence reports of suspected arms around the area and also due to some sporadic shootings going on around the area which the villagers have been crying about. The operation was conducted concurrently in three other surrounding villages of Rim namely: Diyan, Rugga Fulani Rim and Rangwei, and the operation was successful in the other three places except Rim where the women refused their places to be searched. This is disheartening and uncivilized coming from the same people whom these weapons might be used against”, he said.


  1. Nigeria will never have peace because one section of the people is being discriminated against another. If this had happened in a Moslems’ area will the soldiers run away without touching anybody? Moslems will surely challenge this issue. This is sheer ethnic discrimination leading to genocide.

  2. Do the poor farmers in Rim village have money to buy weapons and why can’t the same security personnel go and do house to house search in the fulani houses where arms and dangerous weapons are pilled for their daily attacks on innocent citizens? Those people are always harassed when their paramount need is security of their lives and property. So that they can to the farm, go for mining and other economic activities peaceful as well as without fear of being attacked by the assailants who have been attacking them constantly. When have those same soldiers been when those villagers are being attacked constantly at the will of the assailants? Those who live by the gun will surely die by the gun. A word is enough for the wise

    • Mr friday, read the report again. The operation took place in many places simultaneously. In other places, it went on well. But not in rim. If they don’t have any thing to hide, why stoping the military? and violently for that matter. Let the military do their job. Why the delibrate sentiment ? I can assure you it dose’nt proof that you love the people of that area.

  3. The truth is dat if we don’t follow the truth nd justify we can never live in peace. STF is a government organization nd they have right to perform their duties irrespective of any religion. And a good citizen should abide by the law of the government, Why do this people refused to allow STF to search them? The answer is bcos they full their houses with arms and munitions that is the truth. If it is Muslim community the force will definitely do something they can’t leave just because they are violent, is force trying to tll us that they can’t conduct their operation against Riyom women or what? To be candid let’s jst shun violence by all means and embrace peace. To others dat said is there right please think with the brain dat God gives u and justify this.