Kano Bomb Blast: Islam Does Not Support Suicide Bombing – Aregbesola

rauf aregbesolaOsun State governor, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, has decried Monday’s bomb blast at Sabon-Gari area of Kano which he described as heartless, inhuman and barbaric.

Aregbesola who urged security agents and the Federal Government to do more to ensure the safety of lives and property of Nigerians and foreigners in the country, said the mindless killing of defenceless citizens represented an act against humanity and God.

In a statement by his Director of Bureau of Communications and Strategy Mr Semiu Okanlawon, Aregbesola said under no reason whatsoever should anyone or group take the lives of fellow human beings.

“It saddens when these barbaric and heartless people are described as fighting in the cause of any religion. Islam doesn’t support suicide bombing, Islam is a religion of peace. Islam does not encourage compulsion in religion”, he said.

The governor then charged security agencies and the Federal Government to rise up to the responsibilities of protecting lives and property of its citizens, adding that the destruction of lives and property and the failure of government apparatus are alarming.


  1. If islam does not encourage killing and destruction of property,they should prove it.prove to us that ur religion is 4 peace

  2. I know some are reasonable why some are not,the reason is that either you take it or not Islam is a religion of peace,but the question is that are these set of people only Muslims we have the country?,if not why some are judging attitudes of this criminals with Islam, or did they announce to anyone that if you are Muslims don’t come to market or motor park we want to operate there before operations, to the extent that they went to some Muslims scholars home and killed them,recently they nearly kill His royal highness Adobayero of Kano or He is not Muslim? in presence of their relatives. So if we are to be sincere to ourselves these people are criminals,because there are Muslims in yoruba land and in eastern part of Nigeria which they are not violent. Northern part of Nigeria are been volatile for long.


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