Kano Bomb Blast: No Ethnic Group Has The Monopoly Of Violence, Ndigbo Warns ‘Islamist Fundamentalists’

ohanaezeThe pan-Igbo socio-cultural organisation,  Ohanaeze Ndigbo,  has said that it can no longer guarantee peace in the eastern part of the country following the  continued killing  Igbos in some states in the North.

The group was reacting to Monday evening’s bombings in Kano State which appeared to target Nigerians of Igbo origin.

In a statement by its Secretary General, Dr. Joe Nwaorgu, Ndigbo said “We roundly condemn the sponsors and perpetrators of the continued cold blooded murder of fellow Nigerians. The Igbo nation is taking the heaviest toll on the casualty list and Ndigbo are grossly pained by this organised pogrom on her people.

“Ndigbo cannot continue to bear this unnecessary and unprovoked loss of  their  blood. Patriotism is just not enough. Keeping our restive youths calm has been an onerous job and only God has helped thus far. We can no longer guarantee the civil response of our people in a country that has become one huge slaughter house.

“The Federal Government must convince the people, especially Ndigbo, that they are safe in Nigeria. Meanwhile, Ohanaeze state chapters are to compile the names of all those affected in the bomb blasts.

“Let’s act fast. However, as a reminder, no tribe is essentially completely made up of cowards and Ndigbo are certainly no cowards.

“Need we remind these murderers that no ethnic group has the monopoly of violence? A final position will be taken in due course after due consultation with Igbo leadership.”

Meanwhile,  Ndigbo has appealed to its youth wing  to remain calm while awaiting  President Goodluck Jonathan’s reaction to the latest “dastardly” act. It advised  that in the future, “ Islamists fundamentalist  murderers must be tackled with the same ruthlessness with which they destroy lives.”


  1. Ndigbo only know how to warn in vain. It really disheartening dat the North will keep letting blood and we only go to pages of newspaper to give out empty warning. I wish we knw how they laugh at us.

  2. i think this country can not beone with this at,my president need to call state of the nation did u know how many peoples that die in north crasi all the time in the name of one nigeria it may not be u today tomorrow nest ,nigeria is too bigg to become one country,the ture must be told

  3. Hmmm! The way some people talk! Let us try to look at this objectively. Basically everyone from diverse background ethinic or social has at one time or the other suffered from or is a victim of the effects of the present insecurity. Recently, vaccinators, teachers, pupils, politicians, security personnel, muslim clerics, churchgoers etc in the northern part of the country have sadly been targeted by these terrorists known as Boko Haram.
    It is rather disheartening that some people only choose to condemn it and make unguarded utterances when they feel their ilk is involved. One question that comes to mind is ” do these groups know those behind these attacks and do they have an understanding that their own people shouldn’t be victims?” If not, they should spare us all this talk of retalliation. Retaliation against whom? If anyone knows them and wants to retaliate I welcome it wholeheartedly ! But to incite people to violence against people from a section of the country is highly a of shame!
    Where everyone is a victim but you choose to only select your kind to sympatise with is very low, very shameful indeed!

      • Bobby, having an unfounded negative or abusive attitude is not helpful and can be injurious to your well being (health wise). Attitude says a lot about ones person, upbringing and all. You don’t know me, my beliefs, religious leanings etc but yet you labelled me “aboki haram”. I just hope that is not how you pass judgment on your everyday issues. On your question, I don’t believe anyone should give you figures . One can simply watch the happenings in the polity to come to objective opinion. For instance, if there’s a bomb attack in a market in let’s say Maiduguri,common sense should tell you that most of those affected will be locals. Of course there is likely to have among them non locals as every society in Nigeria is integrated due to so many factors. For example look around you immediate environment and see if you do not capture our diversity as a nation. So I strongly suggest you do some value free research to enrich yourself and not rely on pele who may wittingly or unwittingly pass on incorrect information.

  4. Anyim pius is still constructin fed govmnt centenary city to celebrate 100yrs of amalgamation ……hahahahaha!…one country indeed which is only designed to benefit d queen nd his british citizens

  5. Nigeria is a failed project. Disintegration is the only way 4wd…..else Nigerians will only continue going about in circles, wasting lives.

  6. @hmmm I so much admire the way you put your comment, its just awesome! You gladdened my heart. Bravo! Thats why I had to give myself same name :)

  7. I think the marriage of these different countries called one Nigeria has reached divorce stage, @ least about 100 years 1914-2014 now. Insteady of another civil war let it be on gentle man arrangement. But if mumu muslims think the best way is by bombing innocent igbos, no problem. Bomb is what we know how to manufacture it in igbo land of 1960s. No man will watch his children finished by a known enemies. Nigerians i foresee war i mean serious war may be b/4 few months just be alert dont be the first victim.

  8. Are These Evil Duals Filling They Are At The Top Already, Very Soon This Whole Mess Shall Be Over; Good People Of Nigeria, By God’s Grace All Shall Be Over Soon

  9. It is dishartening that each time their is volance in the country the ibos will take the largest rate of death toll. Our leaders
    Will make empty trait
    On the faces of new papers.they need to call presedent jonathan to compulsorly.attend the burial of all innocent ibo men, women,an children killed at kano bus park, that will take place in ibo land to see to him pains weeping of innocent ibos.we have suffered too much for our total support to his addimistration.the nothe belief that he is from ibo land.while he is not doing any thing for ibos. enough should be enoughlet our leaders put their words to action,otherwise the youth will loss their faith on them an could be force to take to voilance.

  10. D worse dat our president is nt sayin anytin abt d issue,dose dat die ar ppl whose elected he in dat positn,nd bcos of he dat y al dis ar happen,dose dat die take time to stand in d sun to vote 4 he he sit down wthout doin ntin,president do sometime u hav d power ar u AFRAID OR WAT AR U 1 OF DEN

  11. We Nigerians are blindly full of unwarranted sentiments and subjectivity. Let’s try to learn to be a little bit objective and scientific. I just got to learn that a suspected arsonist (a female) has been arrested over the carnage. Learnt that it was not a bomb blast. Let’s wait until the lady makes some statements.

  12. If we must live in peace in 9ja den we shud shun all forms of religious sentiments fundamentalism or exteramism, as well as tribalism, sectionalism, nepotism, etc. Arguing n laying threats will never help us pls…


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