Kano Bomb Blast: Stop Senseless Killings To Avoid Another Civil War, MASSOB Warns

stories.Bomb blast 500nsp_119Following the Monday evening bomb blast that rocked a motor park in Kano State which left scores of passengers and passers-by dead while injuring several others, the leader of the Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra, MASSOB, Chief Ralph Uwazuruike has threatened to declare war over what he calls “killings and other senseless activities on Ndigbo” in the northern part of the country.

He said: “I am ready to declare another civil war in this country if this killings and other senseless activities on Ndigbo continue like this because I know that it was this type of massacre that brought about the first civil war in Nigeria.”

“I am disappointed in our people, because when they were being slaughtered, I brought out buses to bring them home, but they refused to come home and keep living in the North.

“What I did was to safeguard their lives because their lives were in danger. But I want to warn President Goodluck Jonathan that there is limit to everything. Ndigbo can no longer continue to allow themselves to be senselessly killed in the North.

“We are not cowards because I believe that it was this type of senseless killings that prompted the civil war and we are aware of the consequences of the ongoing provocation, but I must warn, that Ndigbo are not cowards and will react if pushed to the walls because there is limit to everything,” he said.

Meanwhile, five luxury buses reportedly belonging to Gobison, Ezenwata and Chimezie transport companies (all owned by Ndigbos) were affected in the bomb blasts.


  1. Am an ibo man. This type pf coment serves no ones interest but the terrorists. When we do the very thing the terrorists want to do but are unable, are we not fools. We should avoid nigerialising the fight against terrorism. Terrorism is not unique to Nigeria

  2. Southerners dont have any reason to remain in the wild north. Its time we let the north realised the uselessness of their region, by initiating a soluble nigeria through the idea regionalism.

  3. The Rich Igbos should hire 10 or more luxurious buses to the north to rescue those easterners there that may want to leave the north! This should be done amidst tight security do it now war is imminent! Please go and rescue your people from the north!

  4. This is bullshit,hw Can pple loose der lvd ones jx lk dat,in d name of boko monkeys”…mehn r dey rili fighting des guys or maybe a war wud be d best solution cos am damn tired of des unnecessary killings..

  5. This is a very sad situation when human life is not value by fellow human being. This is a sign of the end time, let’s prayer for our dear country.


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