Kano Bomb Blasts: Senators Just Sit In Abuja And Speak Rubbish, Absolute Nonsense – Kwankwaso

Kano-State-GovernorKano State governor Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso has berated Nigerian senators over their stance on Monday’s bomb explosion in Kano.

The senators had accused him of indifference and insensitivity to the plight of the victims. But, reacting to the Senators’ accusation in Kano yesterday shortly after receiving the Federal Government delegation led by the minister of interior, Comrade Abba Moro, Kwanakwaso said, “They are just senators sitting in Abuja and they don’t know anything but they have to speak rubbish and absolute nonsense.

“Senators in Abuja felt they are big and mightier. Abuja only they know. They don’t know what is happening in their states or constituencies. If there is kidnapping, militancy or bomb blast in their home state they seek refuge in their castles in Abuja.”

Governor Kwankwaso called on the senators and members of the House of Representatives to pay a visit to Kano like the Federal Government did and witness events on the ground.

He asked the electorate to ensure that in the next election, they elect credible senators unlike the present ones who don’t wish good for the country and the sustenance of peace and oneness of the nation. “We are working round the clock to ensure there is peace in Kano State and we shall continue with the good work for the betterment of the state,” Kwankwaso added.


  1. Governor I so much appreciate ur out burst. So many of them most have rethink about ur statement continue wit ur good work

  2. Good talk mall rabiu. They are d cause of all insecurity this country is passing throug today. They sit down in abuja to inflate all budget and theyy go round to rake envelopes in the name of oveRsight and for any establishment who fail to coperate will b d scape goat. Yes I said it. I’m 08038523349

  3. This is true all our senators are fool they don’t care for those who vote for them, there is one senate who can spend almost half of the year without visiting his constituency talk less of knowing their problem hopeless senators.

  4. Shetan, I mean “iblis” is even a saint compare to some of u! D only eductd ppl we av in nigeria! I bliv dt is hw u guys siz ur self! Civilization is d encouragement of difference ko? Idiots! av nvr av d courage of insultng nd swearng 4my leader except wth dis prsnt merciless regime wallahi!…I bliv wthout u guys,d country wil b bttr!senator my foot!! D worse of dem ar even 4rm my state, niger! In cnjctn wth d worse governor,vry hrt less! We will 1day revolt dis country wth d way u guys ar pushng us!!!tnx 4ur talk konkoso!!!


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