Kano Motor Park Bombing Claims 60 Lives

kano blast

A bomb blast in Sabon Gari, a predominantly Christian quarters in Kano has left about 60 people dead, as a suicide bomber yesterday evening attacked a bus park.

Soldiers and policemen were seen cordoning off the area after the blast which reportedly destroyed several buses.

“The incident occurred around 5.00 pm when activities at the park were at their peak. So far we have counted 60 human bodies burnt to ashes from five luxury buses affected by the blast,” Chief Tobias Idika, Chairman, Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Kano told Vanguard.

“All the five buses have been reduced to ashes by the impact of the blast, and scores of others with high degree burns have been taken to Government hospital. Casualty figures might rise if what I have seen so far is anything to go by,” Idika said.

“We saw it coming and we informed the relevant authority to provide security for us in Sabon Gari but it fell on deaf ears,” he lamented.

“I cannot comprehend that human lives can be wasted like this; it is a horrible scene to behold and the fire service are trying their best to put off the inferno within and around the park,” he said tearfully.

According to eyewitness account; “The blast occurred as five fully loaded buses were moving towards the exit gate at the park when an unidentified individual driving a Golf Volkswagen car in an opposite direction rammed into the buses resulting in an explosion. The suicide bomber died instantly.”

“An Improvised Explosive Device went off in one of the five buses going out of the park by 5.00pm,” another eyewitness said, adding, “There are heightened fears that none of the passengers survived the blast.”

Confirming the blast, spokesman of the Joint Military Taskforce, Captain Ikediche Iweha said; “we have moved in to the scene of the blast and we are trying to restore confidence to forestall looting.”

“We have invited men from Fire Service Department to put off the fire triggered by the blast and dozens were down by the impact of the blast. Our priority now is to secure the area and we do not have the casualty figure because we have not started counting. Investigation has commenced on the incident and that will reveal what happened, and how it happened”.

No group has claimed responsibility for the blast, but it is suspected to be the handiwork of Islamist sect group Boko Haram, who have reportedly failed on several trials to infiltrate Sabon Gari believed to be the haven of Southerners in Kano.


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