Keep your ‘dialogue’, Nigerians are already saying ‘No’ to Subsidy Removal – TUC

Trade Union Congress (TUC) president, Peter Esele
Trade Union Congress (TUC) president, Peter Esele

Trade Union Congress (TUC) president, Peter Esele, has warned the Federal Government not to attempt a total removal of the subsidy on petroleum products. Esele has also called on President Goodluck Jonathan to build a framework that will improve security in the country.

The TUC president made this call while fielding questions from journalists in Benin City, Edo State, on Sunday, shortly after receiving the African Role Model Award TV Show from the African Child Foundation. Commenting on the planned removal of fuel subsidy by the Federal Government, he said: “The president said he was consulting, that he was only going to remove fuel subsidy after his consultations with Nigerians. I hope that the consultation is not going to be a monologue, but with the way the consultation is going, I think the fillers are already showing that Nigerians are already saying no to removal of subsidy.

“If he gets an emphatic ‘no’ and decided to go ahead, then whatever happens is his own business. He should also ensure that he carries out the end result of the consultation.”


  1. early 2012 part of subsidy was removed, what did he use that for. we have not seeing the benefit up till today. crude oil is the only sector Nigeris can generate revenue, let develop agricultural sector too rather than consisted stay with one sector