Let’s Discuss: Is It Okay To Smack Your Child, Or Is It Barbaric?


Parenting in Nigeria in those days was accompanied with smacking as parents believed it helps instill discipline in children. As far as they were concerned, it worked like magic as the kind of well-mannered kids they parented made them proud and confident of their parenting methods.

I can’t forget how many knocks I received from my Dad while he taught me arithmetic. It took me back when my heart wondered when he tutored me after school. It worked I guess…especially the part where failure I was told came with beating; I made sure I never failed throughout primary school. We were not really on a tight leash in Secondary school, but whatever I learnt in primary school helped me in my quest for success ever since.

It’s very rare seeing parents smack kids for wrongdoing these days. It has become the norm these days that a parent who smacks his/her kids may be seen as cruel. Parents say smacking don’t work in parenting anymore.

If anyone would stay on this new belief, I’d like to be educated then, on why so many kids today lack moral values as compared with kids of those days. One other thing I know about smacking is that the Holy Bible approves it for correcting the child. But the popular school of thought today is smacking children is all so wrong.

What do you think? Is it okay to smack your child, or is it Barbaric?


  • I quite agree with some pple when they say smacking is barbaric…yes ONLY when it leads to abuse and believe me I know many a parent who have abused that method of discipline. Good smackin shuld only be done after repeated warnings and should only be used as a last resort and must be done according to the crime (for lack of a better word..lol). Otherwise its jst abuse.

  • Smackin a child is important in parentin, cos it will serve as a corrective measures but it shldn’t b employed at all times but wen deem necessary.As we can c nowadays, dt parent no longer smack their children and this has led 2 moral decadence n indiscipline among d younger generation.

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