Liverpool FC Supporter Changes Surname To Anfield

Axel Gogstad Anfield
Axel Gogstad Anfield

As much as fans of the English Premier League abound in Nigeria, and violence has followed rival matches, no EPL fan in Nigeria has truly shown love to the club he supports to the extent of bearing the club’s name or naming kids after the club you so much love….but a Liverpool FC fan has changed his surname to Anfield.

Student Axel Gogstad, of Norway, has legally changed his surname in support of his favourite football club, The Mirror reports.


“I changed my name to Anfield when I turned 18 back in Norway, I’ve had it for nine years now,” the 27-year-old sports journalism student said.

“I’ve always been proud of my name but I thought if I put ‘Anfield’ to it I’d be even more proud of it and I can carry Liverpool wherever I’m going.”

The name change has resulted in Gogstad receiving some strange looks when travelling through Manchester Airport to get to and from Liverpool.

He added: “I get a little stick from Manchester United fans, obviously. When I’m in the airport in Manchester, customs give me a shake of the head – but it has been good.”

Imagine if fans in Nigeria have to change their surnames in support of their clubs…funny how names will sound.