Military Responsible for Problems Currently Facing the Country – Labaran Maku

Minister-of-Information-Mr.-Labaran-Maku-360x225Information Minister, Mr Labaran Maku, has noted that the military should be held responsible for the myriad of problems currently facing the country. According to Maku, if the military had not interfered with governance, the country would definitely have been better than it was.

The minister made this known when he received members of the National Coalition for Good Governance. According to him, the nation, for about 30 years, had a system of government that was not amenable to steady planning and development, except the regime of General Yakubu Gowon.

He however noted that the last 13 years recorded unprecedented improvements, better than the years of the military. He then expressed confidence that elected governments would always do better than those that were never responsible to the people, adding that the country had begun to witness evidence of competition among states in terms of development.


  1. May be this Ogogoro drunkard is out of his sense by saying this. Did any military pardon thieves or give criminals sanctuary? This propagantist of corruption and mouthpiece of colossal failure will go down forever with his gulag.

  2. Dont mind the yeye burukutu drunker by saying that only the regime of General Yakubu Gowon is was have made good planning to Nigeria, because sentiment you only mentioned Gowon regime that introduce what is corruption today in Nigeira.

  3. What is good about the governent of nigeria is it lottering of nigeria’s resources or what i didn’t see any improvement with the military or autocratic region

  4. since i know maku,he is always economical with the truth.when he talked about the wrong doings of the military what about the politicians that had stolen bilions of naira and those that are still carting away treasuries of their states in the name of bringing foreign investors that are yet to come?the evil and the crime the politicians are perpetratiing are bilions of naira to scurity,power,health etc with nothing to show for it and the worst part is giving state pardon and awards to criminals.

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