My Rolex Wristwatch Cost Me N170k – Ex-Beauty Queen Sandra Iwu


Ex-beauty queen Sandra Iwu never had a problem choosing her career. Her parents were supportive of her choice as she took her chance at the Catwalk Studio in Ikeja where she was groomed on modelling.

Iwu who had always adored beauty queens with a little prayer in her heart when she sees them on TV got her prayers answered in 2006, when she became the Most Beautiful Girl in LASU. She was also crowned Miss Galaxy 2007/2008.

Her first modelling job was an MTN campaign in 2004 by TBWA ad agency. Sandra said she was paid N200,000 for a year exposure.

Becoming a model has not only added to her purse, Sandra Iwu says the number of her admirers has also increased.

“Even when I do not know them, yet they know me. Sometimes, it’s embarrassing, and at times, it’s fun.”

When asked how true the belief that most beauty queens and models date prominent men. She had this to say;

“It is true and not true. True in the sense that a lot of prominent men do go out of their way to date a beauty queen just to prove to their friends that they can do it. They will spoil the girl with lots of gift, cars and money. It is also not true because not all models want to be seen with society men, especially married men.”

Posing unclad may not be a big deal in some parts of the world, but it is unacceptable in Nigeria. Models have faced the challenge of striking a balance between the requirements of their work and what is acceptable in the society.

Asked if she can pose unclad, Iwu says it depends on the job.

“Yes and no. It all depends on the job and scenario. I might pose semi-nude more likely, but not outright nude.”


But she says “I can never wear a G-string on stage.”

She spends so much on clothes as a model must always look good, but Sandra says her most expensive fashion item is a wristwatch.

“The most expensive fashion item I have is a wristwatch, a Rolex wristwatch and it cost me so much money. I bought it for N170, 000 or thereabout.”

Sandra believes her best assets are her lovely smile and her great legs. I guess that was what qualified her for being a great model in the first place.

Should anyone be surprised to know she’s got over 50 pairs of shoes? It comes with the job. “I should have more than 50 pairs of shoes and still counting,” Sandra says.

And here’s a part where many people wonder about; undressing and changing into another outfit at a fashion show in the presence of male models… “Of course, it is not a big deal. We are used to it. It’s part of the profession.”

In case you are also wondering why anyone would love to be a model, Sandra talks about her gains.

“It has given me fulfillment, exposure, connections, interactions, global tours and many more.”

Sandra won’t be going out of her way to remain slim all her life. “Everything will change as I grow and the general changes of life which comes naturally,” she says.


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