My Romance With MI – Waje Opens Up


Talented singer, Waje finally opens up about her romance with MI.

In a recent interview with Waje , when asked about the rumour about dating MI, read what she had to say below.

There is this rumour about you and MI
Me and MI are best friends, that is all.

Tell us about this friendship

There is nothing to say about it really. We first met when I was in Enugu and he came for a show. When we met in Lagos, we hooked up and we have been doing stuff together musically. He is somebody who is very passionate about his music and I like him for that.

Where is the rumour of an affair between the two of you emanating from, even Olamide  mentioned it in his song?

I think it is just what you media guys started. We are just friends, and maybe you guys wanted a Nigerian version of Jay Z and Beyonce, so they just hooked us up by themselves.

Don’t you think MI likes you?

I saw his Tweet where MI complained that you had “brother zoned” him. (laughs) Leave him a beg, he is not serious, we are just friends. Even if we are dating, is it something I would tell the world?




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