My Style Changes Daily — Eku Edewor



My mother is from Delta State while my father is British. My stepfather was from Lagos. I was born abroad but raised in Nigeria. I attended St. Saviour’s and Grange secondary school but I left when I was 13. I attended a boarding school and university in the United Kingdom. I moved back again in 2010.


Entertainment industry

Five months after I returned from the United Kingdom, there was an open audition at MNET. I went for it along with hundreds of girls. I got the job as co-presenter on Studio 53 Extra. Before then, I was managing my mother’s restaurant, while she focused on her interior design business.


My twin and I

She is Kessiana Edewor-Thorley and she is based in the UK. She is also interested in fashion.  I have always been interested in acting, theatre and television. We shared similar interests when we were younger but when we went to the university, our interests changed. I read Theatre/English Literature, she read English. I went to Warwick while she was at Newcastle. We just have different strengths on the jobs that we do.


Job challenges

This red carpet work is really tough! Sometimes, people won’t stop to talk to you and when they do, they don’t want to answer questions.  Now, I know how to relate to people. Initially, I was intimidated by the attitude but these days, I would bully everybody and make sure they grant me an interview.



Work has really become my life because my fun is my work. When I’m not working, I hang with friends or spend time   with people who are close to me. I could be at home, cooking; reading or I would be out watching movies.


Saddest experience

It was losing my step-father. He was a huge influence on our lives. He came into my life when I was six years old, he was in my life through all the developmental stages and he was a good inspiration. His death was a shock because it was unexpected. But my life has changed ever since. That was the first time I realised that life is not always as straightforward as it is supposed to be. I am not one person who hangs unto sadness.


My look

There is a huge responsibility to look good.  If you wear one outfit twice, people will start giving you hell. Grooming is important, even if I am wearing a bad dress, let my hair and skin look nice and let my make-up be on point. I am not sure I have discovered my best hairstyle.  Since I moved back to Lagos, I have changed my hair several times, I have been blond, brunet, short and highlighted. I am someone whose personality changes a lot. I may sport one hairstyle today and the next minute I am bored with it. I like bobs; I am very fascinated with people that can wear short hair because it strikes me as a very chic look.



I love a white T-shirt and a blazer; you can’t go wrong with it. Other than that, my style changes every day, depending on how I feel. I may wake up some days and feel very French and then I would alternate that with a chic look.  Some days, I might feel very urban and wear ripped jeans. When I am doing red carpet, I like to dress with a lot of drama.  I dress for the designers sometimes, if they want me to dress in one of their pieces and they want it to have a lot of flair, I am not afraid because a part of me always wanted to dress up. My dressing does not scare me because I don’t really care what people think about what I wear.  At the end of the day, not everyone is going to like me; so, I might as well have fun.



I have one but I won’t tell you.

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