1. @Raymond- and it is easier for you to make d same mistake and suffer for such for the rest of your life therefore, pass it on to the generation unborn!
    We have gotten to a situation in this country where we need to keep sentiments away from whatever thing we do! Sentiments should be taken away from electing the President of this country! Our decisions would either make or mar us for 4 years or 8 years be thou as it may!


    God Bless you, Raymond!
    God bless us
    God bless me,

    God bless Nigeria!!!

  2. I think it is high time we 4get abt sentiment & look 4 a political party who can lead us 2 the promising land, a party who can deliver dis nation 4rm corruption, a party dt has feeling 4 her citizens, a political party dt wil produce a good leader dtwil hve fair of god, unite & see dis country as one etc.

  3. D so-called APC is as corrupt as d PDP they want 2 overthrow. Nigerians must understand dat politics is all abt d parties; it shd b based on d character of d individuals involved. This is 1 tin we must appreciate abt d last elections & i want it 2 continue. So 4get abt d party name & 4cus on d individuals 2 b presented 4 elections. Note that bin a member of the APC or any oda opposition party dos not make one beta than a member of PDP. No b party we want; na pple wey go work we want!

  4. Birds of the feathers floggs 2geda, these are people who have done their worse in PDP n they dump it n claim they r forming anoda party! My gud people of Nigeria pls tell me who is fooling who? What Nigeria need is pure revolution n nt all dis cock n bull stories of forming a new political party, What r they coming 2 do Is it nt 2 embezzle our money n paralysed dis Nation? WE have 2 b wish my able Nigerian youths.