Niger Delta Oil Is The Reason Northerners Want To Die In Power – Asari

Dokubo-Asari-360x225The revelation by Senator Ita Enang, representing Akwa-Ibom North that over 80% of the oil blocs in the country are owned by Northerners, ex- militant leader, Alhaji Asari Dokubo has asked President Goodluck Jonathan to immediately revoke the licences.

“We must sound it clear to our brother, Jonathan, that if he fails to do something about it, we shall take our destiny on our own hands,” he said.

“It’s not a threat, but a warning to our brother to act fast.” According to the leader of the Niger/Delta Peoples Volunteers Force, the revelation has justified the reason behind the restiveness in the Niger Delta.

Asari said: “Can you now see what we have been fighting for? We own the oil and we are suffering for it. Is it a curse to have oil in our land?

“Now, you see why these Northerners want to die in power. The oil we have is being controlled by them. Is that not funny?”See, let me tell you, if Jonathan fails to revoke the licences, we will take our destiny in our hands. We will not sleep any more for people to take what belongs to us. Nigerians must stand to resist a set of cabals that turned our country to their personal empire.

“One single person is richer than Nigeria. They are sucking our blood. Our land is being destroyed every day. No water, we can’t fish anymore; the land is polluted. Yet, none of our people in the Niger/Delta controlls an oil bloc” he fumed.



  1. I totally agree wit U̶̲̥̅̊,abeg carry on wit ur plans cos if U̶̲̥̅̊ wait 4 our jonathan mehn U̶̲̥̅̊ re on a long tin.

  2. This is indeed excruciating,the licenses needs to be revoked and very fast.But am afraid GEJ might not have the political will to do that.Just pray to God to give him the wherewithal to make things right in our country Nigeria.

  3. GBAM! That’s what I wanna hear. Some aboki from the North who never dreamed of crude oil in their land are just sitting down in the far North why they use catapilar to pack our oil money daily. God will judge them.

  4. that is the result of choosing fool(s) as leaders. the propaganda of south-south & niger-delta is clear evident of hatred towards the north & northern peoples. may God protect us from the evil of nigerian politicians, their evil inventions & people like them.

  5. Bross Asari we are coming. in due time if nothing is don abaut dis we shall take back Wat is rightfully ours d Niger Deltan wether in peace or in pieces. time will tell.

  6. I have been longing to hear from big bros, Asari, in regard to dis issue. Today u have spoken my mind. I love this. Go on, we Niger Deltans are solidly behind u.

  7. Ride on, bros Asari, we can’t just sit and watch dis Aboki’s ripe where they did not sow. But let not forget to pray for God’s peace over Nigeria.

  8. thanks ita enang for d revelation,dis is y d norh dosent wnt to live power,niger delta pipul let us nt sale ourslf to dose norther anymore,asa we wil take wat blong to us either by fire or force,it is our time one more,dat is y they deside dat GJ govt wont wok,let them try us again.

  9. 1:10 pm
    Today a group of terrorist & cold blooded
    murderers announced 2 d world that they’ve
    killed all 7 of their hostages. The group which is
    referred 2 as ‘ansaru’ for short claims it’s goal is
    to protect muslims in black africa. I ask, how
    they intend 2 do dis by killing some innocent
    expatriates who left d comfort of their well devt
    land 2 execute a legitimate job in northern
    nigeria? How is Islam a religion of ‘Peace’, wen
    all acts of terrorism & violence all over d world is
    associated wit Islam? They go by all sorts of
    names ‘Alquaida’ Taliban’ Boko Haram’ Ansaru’
    etc… all these Islamic organisations have a clear
    objective, they’re oppose to growth &
    development, peace & progress, they are
    vampires and blood suckers. How can anybody
    convince a sane and reasonable person that
    Islam stands 4 peace wen it’s footprints &
    trademarks of violence & terror continue to stare
    us daily on d face? how can u say that Islam
    means well for me wen all it does is 2 seek 2
    terminate my life & those of my kind? Islam is no
    religion, It is a Cult, a cult that survives on
    human blood & only thrives wen non members
    suffer from its rain of terror. Alas! ‘He that kills
    by d sword shall surely die by d sword’.

  10. How I had wished you will coordinate and reconstitute another group called TIT for TAT so we can march,tear,crack down those good for nothing Boko Haram let them go to hell


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