Nigeria Under Siege And At Risk Of Being Ungovernable – Tukur

Bamanga_Tukur_984260871National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Alhaji Bamanga Tukur, yesterday, declared that Nigeria was under siege following incessant attacks in parts of the country by terrorist groups.

Tukur spoke on the state of the nation at his country home in Jada Local Government of Adamawa State shortly after visiting Ganye Local Government Area and in Abuja.

Tukur, who was in Adamawa  to condole with the people of Ganye over the recent terrorist attack which left 25 persons dead and scores of others wounded, warned that the nation might become ungovernable unless urgent steps were taken to arrest the situation.

Tukur, who assessed the level of damage done to the town, described the incident as not only unfortunate but also condemnable.

“This is evil opposing good; here are people who attack Mosques, Churches, markets, banks, motor parks, police stations without considering who is there. Surely, our nation is under siege. It is not the question of PDP, ACN, CPC or any political party or religion. The truth is that Nigeria is under siege, therefore all of us must come together and face this challenge.

“The attackers have not spared any part of the country especially the northern states while other parts of the country are facing another form of evil associated with kidnapping”, he said.

Tukur while lamenting that no community in Nigeria was without one form of insecurity challenge or the other, acknowledged that PDP should take responsibility for the development as the ruling party in the country. However, he was quick to add that the situation needed collaborative effort by everyone to tackle.

In the same vein, Tukur also spoke about security challenges at his Wuse 2 private residence in Abuja.

His word: “Today there is fear everywhere, churches are being burnt, Mosques are being attacked, United Nations building bombed, motor parks are being bombed, people cannot go to motor parks again to travel for fear of being attacked; security installations such as police stations, prisons are being burnt down and inmates released at will, nobody knows the next target of attack.

“It is not about the PDP or President Goodluck Jonathan; this is a matter that should be of concern to everybody irrespective of political, ethnic or religious affiliations, the opposition, the labour movement, religious leaders, traditional rulers. We all have to come together to fight the evil that is now manifesting everywhere in our land; those perpetuating this evil are within us in the society, it is not a matter of Mr President or the PDP-led Federal Government alone.”


  1. Ojukwu saw d future of nig wen he entered agreemnt wit gowon @ aburi accord for regional govmnt so every one can develop @ a speed he prefers but u noterners were blind nd chose war against truth, mediocrity insted of merit, worshipin ur emirs insted of workin hard, refusin to go to skool while d children of these emirs ar in harvard university, today our leaders instead of developin d nation for over 50yrs of ind rather chose to enrich themselves nd dia chronies leavin over 90% of her citizens without food, power, education, healt care, etc as a result these pple hav taken to kidnapin prostusion, terorism, ritual kilings bcos of frustrations. Bankole is stil here wit us nd notin is been herd about d 4ty bilion suite against him, our governors bcos of bad road nw fly in high heavens wit fleets of jets as dia own, faruk lawal dd not resign til date, 12mlion naira montly salary for our reps nd 15milion for senate nd 45milion for constituency alowance which they poket for demselves upon receivin while d masses sleeps nd wakes up hopelesly for d day…….arab uprising is long over due but we ar leaving in a genration of cowards nd weakly …..bkharam shuld endevor to spread dia tentacles to d southern nig for every one to see a reason in rising up against our leaders frm councilor to d president..he who loots publik treasury has killed more than war nd terorism so mr tukur advice us to rise against our past nd present leaders instead of only teror nd kidnapin which is d ofshoot of bad leadership since independent