Nigerians want to see that it is well with us – Anenih Admonishes PDP Governors

Tony-Anenih-418x215The Chairman PDP Board of Trustees (BoT) Chief Anthony Anenih, has called on the PDP governors to refocus and apply their security votes for information gathering so as to help curb the country’s security challenges.

Chief Anenih, who made this known while addressing a meeting of the PDP Governors’ Forum in Abuja, said: “I want to appeal to all of you here present and through you to others that are not here that Nigerians want a change… They want reconciliation; they want to see that it is well with us. We must be ready to reconcile ourselves and avoid those things that tend to divide us.”

The PDP BoT Chairman continued, saying that using the fund for information gathering was necessary, as the Federal Government alone could not guarantee security in the country: “All of you are chief security officers of your states, the Federal Government alone cannot give all Nigerians security and everybody must be involved.

“The market women, governors, members of the National Assembly and Councillors must all be involved… Most of those who destroy houses and kill people live with us and police cannot perform miracle without information… Getting information now is very expensive so I appeal to the governors that this is the time to use your security votes to seek information. Nobody will blame you for that.”


  1. Which Nigerians wished PDP well? Perhaps you have hearing defects for you to hear how Nigerians wish PDP bad ending like fire consuming the dry stalks on a wide field. We pray Almighty to destroy PDP the way HE destroyed many nations that shunned from HIS blessings, ameeeeeen!