Nollywood Actress Ayo Adesanya Tries Removing Tattoo, Says It’s A Sin To Have It

Ayo adesanya

She’s been around for a long time and she has acted several movies in both the Yoruba and English movies in Nollywood. Ayo Adesanya says like most stars she had a rough beginning.

“But then, I think it’s just God because sometimes when God shows you where you ought to be, there’s little you can do. Sometimes, I went for auditions and wouldn’t get picked or they could just give me a minor role like a waka-pass and I would still do it and it didn’t matter to me. But most times too, I got good roles,” Adesanya said.

There’s no way Ayo Adesanya would tell her story in the industry without mentioning Ifeanyi, the man God probably sent to kick start her acting career.

“There’s this guy, Ifeanyi, he works with NTA International now. After my NYSC, I started working with Potson Nigeria Limited. So there was one time I had a break from there. So I wanted to go into TV from there. So I went for an interview and met him. We got talking and he invited me for an audition. I got interested, and before then, I used to act in my nursery school in Ibadan. Even during my secondary school days, I used to be part of our drama group. Thereafter I relocated to Lagos and continued to act in my church. That was when I met Ifeanyi who introduced me to Zeb Ejiro.

“Zeb was about producing his “Mortal Inheritance” movie and I took part in the audition. But I remember vividly that when they gave me the script, I was just shouting. Eventually, they gave me a waka-pass role but I didn’t go back there. But I saw my name on the list,” Ifeanyi yet again introduced her to another top producer; “The same Ifeanyi later introduced me to Opa William and he asked me to do a piece which I did. He was impressed. So, he gave me a minor role in Onome, and he paid me N3000. I was so happy that I could earn that kind of money for just a minor role. From there, I started going for auditions and did Abused, Omotola was part of it and Kesi Jabari and others and they paid me. Then I did Palace by Tunji Bamisigbin. Then, I did Dry Leafs, Most Wanted, so it was from one location to another. That was how I had my breakthrough in the industry.”

Ayo who doesn’t like discussing her private life says there’s a man in her life and they will be getting married soon.
She’s trying to get rid of her tattoo now as she says she now knows it’s a sin.


“I still have it (her tattoo) but it’s fading off gradually. I recently had a surgery. I’m supposed to have gone for another one. I’m clearing it off but it’s so painful. It gets swollen and too painful.

“I went to a church to pray and they gave me a Bible verse, I never knew it was against Christianity. Until the Pastor opened a passage that I should read, and that was how I knew. It’s actually so beautiful when you have tattoos but immediately I knew it was a sin then, I made up my mind to clean it.

Ayo Adesanya’s ex has the same tattoo as hers, but she says she doesn’t “remember anything whenever I see it. I see it as part of fashion,” adding that his new man doesn’t complain. “He’s not even that kind of person. He’s a very cool person.”

Who new Ayo Adesanya was never legally married to her ex, Omogoriola Hassan. She had a son for him, and she says the boy and her new man are getting on well. She was however on the defensive when asked about her ex; she said she doesn’t like discussing her past, but then she hinted there’s a legal issue involved, but she made it clear she was never legally married to Hassan. Whatever the legal issue is?

According to Ayo Adesanya, some men are still babies; referring to her ex whom she says had problems with her career.

“I think to marry a career woman or a celebrity- it isn’t what most men can handle,” she says. But she believes her new man can handle who she is and the career she has chosen.

Her advice for the upcoming ones is simply to serve God. “It takes a lot of humility and patience to get to the top. They have to be humble to gain a lot. They should forget the fame because it comes with hard work. Although some are lucky to get to the top within a short time and that means it’s just luck because it’s not easy. Most importantly, you have to serve God. I’m a Christian so I can’t take my Jesus for granted. Life isn’t just about partying because being on location is enough party in itself. So, it’s not about clubbing all the time but no one says you shouldn’t club but let’s not forget where we are coming from.”


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