Nollywood Breaks Tradition With Shocking Scenes In ‘Bold 5 Babes’


Imagine switching on your television set to watch a Nigerian home video popularly called Nollywood and what you see just leaves you in a state of rude shock and embarrassment so much that you have to check again to be sure you are not watching the wrong flick.

Well, that is what ‘Bold 5 Babes’ is bound to cause if the relevant authorities allow it to find its way into the homes of unsuspecting Nigerians who still cherish our core moral values and traditions of decency and modesty.

Starring actor Collins Onwochei, Bold 5 Babes is an er*tic comedy about a group of women who seduce men by using their supernatural powers and then turning them into blackberry bold 5 smartphones.

And it gets more daring as the Producers attempt to replicate what can only be termed soft p*rn as seen in some foreign movies.



  1. I think viewers discretion is used on things that has strong graphic content. You are supposed to say viewers advised to watch

  2. this is malicious and wicked to the viewing public. this is satanic. sordom and gomorrah in Nollywood destroying the Nigerian people and Nigeria image. pls NBC should ban and destroy this satanic flick.

  3. I can’t see what is in this flick that requires viewers discretion. The flick was boring. We are hypocrital beings. Those shouting blue murder in this forum watch worse versions acted by whites.They watch blue movies.

    • Yes,a lot of people watch blue films,its their choice but there’s a very big difference in going to buy or rent blue films to watch and watching Nollywood home videos.A lot of kids watch home videos at home and at friend’s homes,is this d kind of scenes we want to expose our kids to? We shld condemn such nonsense in its totality,this culture is alien to our culture.There shld be a clear distinction in d production of porn and home videos,if they are producing porn,let it be marked ‘PORN’ not home video bcos home videos are supposed to be something everyone irrespective of age can watch.

  4. This is out of point because no single massage i can deduced from the video, it is absolutely nonsense, i think the authority in charge should please look into this before it become common to the public and this type of video should ban total from public. rubbish

  5. Now dats wat I’m talking abt… Nollywood filmz hav 2 step up d pace and catch up wit deir foreign counterparts… I mean 4 fuck’s sake wats all d noise abt? Soft porn? Damn u hav 2 b kiddin me… I wonda hw d person da wrote dis story knew abt wat is depicted in foreign movies if its nt da he/she watches dem… Luk its der biz – let dem act wateva dey like & if u no like am omo na 4 ur fucking pocket!

    • We can never be the Westerners ,religion and our cultural wise this kind of video is wrong .we need meaning full videos that will build the moral character of our people and culture not this rubish,junk,taboo

  6. Naija with hypocrisy, we are talking of decency movies in naija, Americans with they indecent movies,ok we watch decent movies, Americas watch indecent movies but who corrupt pass.1we ring election,America no, our leaders stolen money,America no, we cheat on age, America, we cheat on exam,America no, naija corruption everywhere n we are talkin of decent.

  7. Dis is y we hav death regime in nollywood. The sin is tooo much ! Wen an abomination happens in a place it affect d elders an DAT is what is happening in nollywood .

  8. Nigerian people like posting crap,does it mean my people really have a low IQ?,all films are rated and obviously this is for 18 R,so why make noise about it? After all you dick heads have blue films even on your phones,if a rental shop gives an x rated film to a minor who do you blame? The shop or the producer or censors board who have already rated it for adult view? Let’s use our heads before we comment pls,some ladies talking here do worse stuff so pls quit the usual nigerian pretence,morals my butt

  9. Does it mean our country is really going from fair to wost? I wonder what as happened to our age-long culture in Nigeria. this is nonsense!! God have mercy

  10. LORD v mercy! If dis can hapun b4 d camera, i wonder wots goin on behind d scene n after d filming, naija nd more tutorials on film making

  11. this is absolute nonsense!the theme of the play has been defeated .people’s attenion will be much on the erotic scenes.besides,someone commented that the film has been rated above 18.this is laughable because underage are those that will first watch it.if this kind of film is allowed to stay,i bet it the wild spread of this kind film will be more than that of epidermic or boko haram.

  12. playboy magazine is 1 of d wrlds leadn magazine in terms of sale, dis muvie myt b offensive, bt nigerians will watch it. It is d ppls demand d producers r usn to pay their own bills. Am nt sopportn it, bt jst wait n see..

  13. dat is y evry film has an age ristrictn, watch ova ur children is nobody’s bizzness. All of una wey de talk don de 4k 4 looooooonnnnnng oh, so dnt

  14. I hv being anticipating 4dis 2occur due d mass interest of pple in xxx.Ghanians hv being into for long so its not a surprise to me.d fact still remains dat it has spread already n d advice is viewers discretion is strongly advised.parents monitor ur wards

  15. This should not be produce for sale to public please cos its inmoral if d actors want to have sex dey should but not to film n sale

  16. pls and pls this kind film that is in total contradiction to our religion and our culture values should not be allow to come out into e market.pls NBC take note and also about super story many people are complaining about somany scine in it where u will see man and woman huggin sometimes on bed which is bad pls, if this cannot be stop pls NBC aks them to change e time 10pm above.

  17. The society has evolved so much and our moral values are no more valuable and appreciated as they were in the past…stop the hate and wrongful criticisms, your words and jibes will not stop such movies from hitting the market; even the so-called NBC loves and watches movies like this very one. Joshua in the bible, once asked the children of Israel a question and said “And if it is evil in your eyes to serve the Lord, choose this day whom you will serve…, but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” I would advise anyone good and moral person here to turn away and keep his/her eyes, family and obligations from such immoral views and live your life to please God – peace!

  18. jst rate the movie 18+ or 21+ and move on with ur damn life, stop all this pretentious attitude, nah fuck we never see before? Nah satan invent sex?

  19. Please nigerians let’s stop acting like hypocites. I knw that in every home video they do say from 18+ and viewers descretion is advised. When you hear of a movie that people talk bad about don’t watch it, not after watching it u come up to talk nonsense when u must have finish watching and enjoying the movie. Pleaes be wise in your jugdement or you will be judged first.

  20. How can nigeria film and video censor board censored this type of film,which lesson are you guys passing to this generation?.may God have mercy.

  21. U̶̲̥̅̊ guys r all pretenders pple r saying…………. Buh we r diff frm d whites…. We’ve got culture n traditions……. Our. So callled celebs wanna act as whites forgetting that we r n will aalwaz b blacks

  22. Na this nigerian films we go see people they av sex and the cover with clothing. In the. Real sense, one don’t cover when making love to the highest order. Make film look real! That is it in bold 5 babes

  23. D actors nd actress re to blame 4 such role dey play. If dey have d fear of god nd not love 4 Money . Knowing fullywell dat this is adultery

  24. Its not always the way u guys are taking or thinking it.I am an acctress.Movie industry is like an institute or university that comprises different calibas of humanbeings,so many pple comes in to do what dey knows how to do best.that gal on dat scene,how many of u knows her as an actress? She took up dat role cos she can go nude on enof of this Nigerian movies dis and dat.if u can’t watch dat one,dere are alots of movies and decent ones in the market.Tank u

  25. 9JA! We all are jst victims of our own colour.We r all nigerians bt we seldom fake our identities. A lot of us av said all dis cuz it’s public&maybe we needed attention.I cn bet dat 97% of us commentin watches adult movies&we r here criticisin other people’s biz. Fine it’z immoral.Bt fellas didn’t any of u seen prostitute?it featured OMOSEY&SEGUN ARINZE 10yrs ago or mo dan or avn’t u heard there even more nude clubs in nigeria than strippers clubs.No be dis same 9ja wey known actors are makin sex tapes?Trust me BOLD 5 is nofin to be compared to all dis se tapes….. If d top of a lather is shaky it trickles down to d bottom. E gbagbe oshi!

  26. Nigerians and ghanians have not even known a single thing about acting. I personally will never give five naira to a ghanian or nigerian film because they knows nothing apart from riding cars, seducing men, palace things, eating and shouting in movies. Watch American films like ‘nights and days’, ‘the detorminator’, ‘goodluck chuck’ watch films like ‘three idiots’, films like ‘the lord of the rings’, ‘prince of Persia’ and so many other firms that are really good rather wasting time on nigerian and ghanian films.

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  29. What is decent about Nigeria? We are more corrupt than the Westerners, dirty, uncultured and uncivilised. Who are those to sanction porn video as bad? Is it the pastor who sleeps with church members and ride big cars without concern for the poor? Or the president, and politicians generally, who would prefer to celebrate when their children are dying? What is worse? Is it to watch porn pictures or embezzle the common purse that keep masses in perpetual poverty? Some peoples yardstick for what is good is based on what they don’t do. But the one they do can never never fall under the bad ones

  30. I think most of us still need to go back to nursary school cos the way we think and talk is still not matured. How can u be shouting abt a movie that was not and will never be distributed for free. It is for sale both home and abroad. So it is ur choice.

  31. If u are truthfully in a serious relationship and u are enjoying ur relationship, why we u be acting in such a way? But I pray that everything will be fine shortly.


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