North Broke Single Term Pact By Massively Voting For Buhari – Clark

clark250Elder statesman and Ijaw national leader, Chief Edwin Clark yesterday stated that no amount of intimidation can stop President Goodluck Jonathan from contesting the 2015 Presidential election.

Clark who spoke while addressing journalists in his Asokoro residence – Abuja, described as malicious, insincere and dishonest, remarks by the governor of Niger State and Chairman, Northern Governors’ Forum, Muazu Babaginda Aliyu, that Jonathan signed an agreement with the governors not to seek re-election.

Clark, who noted that there was no such agreement, said even if there was such agreement between the governors and the President, the northern governors were the first to break the pact against the backdrop that the region voted massively against the President at the PDP Presidential primaries in 2011.

Clark said that “having emphasized that there was no such agreement, but in defense of the concept of agreement and for the sake of argument, if there was such an agreement, did you keep to your own side of the said agreement?”

Referring to the Niger governor, Clark said that “was that why you directed your state delegates at the PDP presidential primaries to vote for Alhaji Atiku Abubakar in the primaries and when he lost the ticket, you and your state went ahead to vote for a rival political party, the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) in the Presidential election as shown in the results outlined below?”

Clark then recalled that Niger state “voted overwhelmingly for Major General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd.) of the CPC who scored a total vote of 652,574 against President Jonathan’s 321,429 votes in the Presidential election.”

The former Federal Information Commissioner also all but confirmed the choice of Jonathan as the sole candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, should he decide to run in 2015 when he said, “it is the practice in most countries for the incumbent president to remain the sole candidate at the party’s convention if he is willing to contest for a second term in office.”



  1. Edwin Clerk has by his recent unguarded political utterances no doubt reduced himself from an elder statesman to a tribal chauvinist. The earliar GEJ realise the dangerous damage clark’s utterances are to his Government and person and begin to call him to order the better. GEJ couldn’t have won with only IJAW votes.

  2. With this facts and figure, Gov Aliyu Babangida of Niger can remain silent. He has no vote to contribute to GEJ and PDP by extension.

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  4. ….Clark then recalled that Niger state “voted overwhelmingly for Major General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd.) of the CPC who scored a total vote of 652,574 against President Jonathan’s 321,429 votes in the Presidential election….”.
    Yes I thank God you confessed it yourself. But please can you tell us what Buhari scored as well as what Jonathan scored in Bayelsa State in 2011 General Elections?
    Do you think Jonathan can win election with Ijaw votes only???

  5. Northern Emirs I hope you lerant a lesson from this ‘gorilla’ as he speaks fearlessly in support of his man. Unknown to him history can repeat itself. He said “No amount of intimidation can stop Jonathan from contesting for 2015 presidential election. He forgeot that God Almighty is over-controller and He can change everything. So Northern Emirs feel free to support your son in 2015, otherwise…..

  6. please don’t destroyed Nigeria, you politician should also know that, you have no other country than Nigeria.why fighting Ur salve and create more confusion among Nigerian masses .please let us elect our leaders base on merit and not tribe or religion.because religion in Nigerian is worse than the weapon of mass destruction. why because the level of e literacy is height and is on increase and unemployment is also over alarming why. God has bless our country with everything we need.please politician let us think as global leaders and stop behaving as fanatics. thanks and God bless Nigeria.

  7. Old age has make Edwin Clark to be confused & Lark a direction.
    He talk negatively & behave like an adolescent donkey that is about to enter d age of maturity. He talk like deft, dumb & blind parson.
    His selfish interest make him to behave prematurely which lead him to loose his respect &,dignity & even demote him from a populated nig elder stakeholder to a minority Ijwo elder. Pl’s look at what u are saying & look at ur self in d mirror, u’ll realise that am saying d truth.

  8. If Clark said in developed democracies incumbents have automatic tickets for 2nd terms, then he has created a lie. Incumbents always are challenged and sometimes even defeated, or in the face of apparent defeat declined to contest but most times defeat their challengers. But they are mostly challenged. However, there are few cases when outstanding incumbents are allowed by their respective parties unchallenged; but that is an exception rather than the rule – at least as far as the history of presidential democracy of the USA is concerned. Let Clark and other proponents of this false theory take a closer look of their history books.


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