North In Trouble As Revolution Looms – Northern Christian Elders

northnaija-400x250The Northern States Christian Elders Forum (NOSCEF) has stated that Northern Nigeria is now in a big mess because a looming revolution is coming which will consume a lot of people.

In a statement titled ‘Northern Muslim Elders are in Trouble and they Know it. Northern Muslim Elders are Afraid. Revolution is Coming’ signed by its chairman and secretary Evangelist Matthew Owojaiye and Engineer Iliya Yusuf respectively, NOSCEF said “For a long time the Northern Muslim Elders have been able to turn the attention of the youth against Christians using religion”.

“Northern states have produced nine heads of states. Only one (Gen. Yakubu Gowon) is a Christian. What did these eight heads of states except Sir Ahmadu Bello do for the people? How come the people are poor when their own people have been in power most of the time? Most of the governors in the north are Muslims. How come their people are so poor?

“How come they are the ones selling water in jerry cans? How come they are the ones doing shoe shining? How come they are the ones breaking fire woods into pieces? How come they are the ones doing night guard work? These northern leaders have cheated the northern masses too much,” the elders said.

On amnesty for Boko Haram, they said the call without taking into cognisance those who were killed by the sect, will amount to injustice.

They said the difference between Boko Haram and Niger Delta militants is very clear as the militants did not attack mosques or churches and that the militants did not ask Muslims to vacate their areas.


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  2. Wen the crisis are getting serrious day by day another set of people are paid by some stupid politicians to cause more havoc in d nation….nothern christian elders forum, know it that if wat u ar saying should come into being, its not just muslims dat will suffer in d north, u will also suffer for it as u are part of d north..forgt dat u guys are christians, we wont accept u here in d south, as per as we are concern both of u are d same thing. Let everyone stay at his place irrespective of religion…people are struggling to fight ethnic nd religious bigots so dat nigeria will regain its peace and this morons are coming up with another thing just bcos dey got paid by some mentally rtrdd fools (polliticians) like dem..

  3. What an idiot openly uncoded religiously biased way of presenting your hatred against the Muslim North! Poverty is wide spread in Nigeria even among your northern christians. A northern christian is my gate man how comes you don’t highlight the poverty stricken christians as well? People like you are so undesirable in this Nation today because of your open hatred to another people just because of difference in religion! Nigeria needs the most peace ever but your types are the evils we don’t need especially at this period where we need to embrace each other instead of spreading open hatred against one another! May your open hatred against the Muslim north consume you alone without affecting any nnocent soul – christian or Muslim. Ameen! Never think that when the north is on fire the south will accommodate you! You will equally burn as the north boils!


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