Northern Leaders Looked Sideways When B’Haram Members Were Being Trained By Al-Qaeda, Says Emir Who Opposes Amnesty

alhaji_attahiru_ahmedEmir of Anka in Zamfara State, Alhaji Attahiru Ahmad, has asked President Goodluck Jonathan not to grant amnesty to members of the Islamist sect, Boko Haram.

His call is contrary to the position of the Sultan of Sokoto, Sa’ad Abubakar lll, who last week, urged the President to grant members of the sect amnesty.

However, the Emir of Anka at a workshop on peace building and conflict management for sustainable development, organised by the National Emergency Management Agency on Wednesday in Kaduna, said “amnesty is for people you can identify”.

He added, “Where were our leaders when members of  Boko Haram were going to receive trainings outside the country. Let us check ourselves, if there must be justice, we must go back to the basics.”

He also blamed the current security challenges on the elite and politicians.

Ahmad said, “From experience, I have come to realise that whenever you have crisis and a proper investigation is carried out, you always find the involvement of these two classes. Within my domain, a sad experience occurred sometimes ago when an Igbo man, who owned a shop, was attacked and his shop burnt because his son was said to have torn a copy of the Quran. But upon investigation, I found out that a native of Anka, who was also in the same business with the Igbo man, deliberately roped-in the Igbo family.

“He took a piece of paper with an Islamic inscription on it and tore it into pieces in front of the Igbo man’s shop and then raised the alarm calling on all Muslims faithful to come and see a copy of the Quran torn into pieces by the son of the Igbo trader. The crowd grew angry and set the house and the shop of the Igbo man ablaze immediately. You can see that this native of Anka did this malicious act purely for personal interest and not religion. And that is how it is with the elite and the politicians”.

He added, “As a traditional ruler, who lives with the people, I have come to a conclusion that if the common man is left alone, there is going to be peace in the land. But any place you find crisis, just look around, you must find the involvement of these two classes – the elite and the politicians.”



  1. To some extent i agree with the Governor, but just like d story of an the igbo man whose shop was burnt down, now i ask all muslims must you fight for Allah, we have seen it times without numbers when an unbeliever will turn and even burn the holy bible we just the christain just laugh and sometimes pity the person and ask God to forgive him. Before you know it you find the person been miserable and at the end die a shameful death except if he or she beg for forgiveness. Another question, is it that Allah cannot fight for himself. why choose to fight for him. We christain love all of you, to me i see us as one family but you don’t see us dat way

    • This Emir will live long. He has simply spoken the truth instead of all these pretenses from our Muslim umma simply because they don’t want a Christian to be our president. God will judge these fake emirs and mallams that are liars and spreading hate for our president. Buhari and his like will never smell Aso rocks no matter what hatred they are planting in the north for Jonathan

  2. Gbam! God bless the emir 4 been bold to tell the truth.
    @ usman it is ppl like that had drag us into this problem what the emir is saying is not peculiar to muslims or hausas alone is jst telling you the problem that confronting us as a nation at large.

  3. may the protection of the almight God be upon the emir as he boldly say the truth. @usman, are you offended that a muslim like you is bold enough to speak out the truth, even though he knows that some of his people are involved? What has popularity got to do with paying the truth? I think you guys should check yourself. If you properly understand what you read in the quran without some baised imam teaching you, then you should know that when you serve a true god, it belittles that god to claim you fight for his cause. If he is a true god, let him fight for himself, stop mixing illiteracy with religion.

  4. My elda broda bcame a moslem bcos he wanted his master killed so he cn take ova evrytin. In d hope dat he’ll get into som kind of fight wt him & atract his moslem sympathizers in d name of wantin 2 kil him cos he is a moslem, thereby they’ll hlp kil d boss per defendin himsef/his faith. It hpnd as d pland but d man escaped. Its jst same story n tnk God dis man ws bold 2 say it out.. Weda his felo muslims wil argue or nt is irrelivant

  5. Dis emir will neva stop receiving God’s blessings. Wen d issue of boko haram emanated, no one northern leader was able 2 come out 2 kick against dis devilish act jst bcus d attack was only on christains n deir churches but dat dat jst one attack is xtended 2 an emir, he has find a need 4 amnesty! God is watching.

    • Aye we muslim know that u christain killing urself just 4 politics, do u have any evidence about what u said, if u dont hve we have, who set the bomb in yalwa bauchi state and even in zaria ur people set the bomb in church at sabon gari and wusasa. Emir of anka is pool and he dont know what is politics god will never bless a liar 4ever. Aye true it will be on the way very soon idiot.

  6. May d almighty God grant u ur heart desired 4 speakin d truth,u ar xceptional,unique in d north.God’s protection will alway b ur portion coz doz demon n dia agent will try 2 strike bt God will surely c u tru bco u hv spoken d truth,long live d emir of anka,long live zamfara state jst bcoz of u,long live naija!

  7. My joy is that everyone must reap what they sow on this earth whether good or bad. The measure which you use for others shall also be used for you. Emir of Anka you will reap the fruit of the seed of truth that you have boldly sown today. Remain blessed

  8. God is the revealer of all hidden secret,when some emir see that may be jaw by B .haram they ask for earnesty.i know everybody can’t go in one direction.some feardeath and avoid telling truth but they will die fast bcos they refuse to say the truth ,after all death is inevitable .emir God is with you .

  9. I’m exceedily happy 4 you HRH emir of Anka, i wish i could visit ur palace soon (Wen Boko issues stop)………… God bless you………..

    Its not about Religion, its about self-interest dat leads to Religious War