NYSC Justifies De-Camping Of Corps Member Over Refusal To Wear Trousers

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imagesAuthorities of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) on Sunday defended their action on the de-camping of one Miss Tolulope Ekundayo, a corps member who allegedly refused to wear trouser at the Sagamu Orientation Camp in Ogun.

Ekundayo, a 2013 Batch ‘A’ corps member posted to Ogun was de-camped on March 8, following disagreement between her and the authorities over her refusal to comply with camp dress code.

Ekundayo had insisted that wearing trouser negated her Christian faith and opted to wear skirt, instead of trouser.

The NYSC Director in Ogun, Mrs Theresa Anosike, who addressed newsmen in Sagamu on the matter, argued that Ekudayo’s actions contravened the rules and bye-laws of the the NYSC.

She said that Ekundayo’s actions were contrary to the undertakings she had earlier signed on dressing code.

“It is erroneous for anyone or group to say that the NYSC sent Ekundayo out of camp unjustifiably when actually she acted against the undertaking which she had earlier signed along with her colleagues on dress code,’’ Anosike said.

She quoted  the NYSC Bye Laws 2012 Section 3(h) which states that “Any member who refuses, fails or neglects to comply with this rule shall be tried by the Camp Court and if found guiltily, be liable to be de-camped and sent out of the orientation camp’’.

The director gave reporters copies of the undertaking which Ekundayo allegedly signed, along with other corps members on cultism and dress code.

Ekundayo had undertaken in the document, to abide by the rules of the NYSC and to face penalty if she contravened any of the provisions.

Anosike said the authorities made several unsuccessful attempts to persuade Ekundayo to wear the kit like her colleagues but that she argued that wearing the dress ran contrary to her faith.

Anosike quoted Ekundayo as saying: “I will rather forgo the service year than wear the kits.’’

The director said that Ekundayo was thereafter, told to go and return the transport and bicycle allowances she had earlier collected, having been convinced that she had made up her mind not to wear the trouser.

Anosike, however, dismissed reports that the NYSC authorities sent out the corps member late in the night.

“The incident happened a little about 9.00 p.m., so after she signed an undertaking and obtained a receipt for the refund she made, we asked her to go back to the hostel and prepare to leave the following day.

“She, however, quickly interjected and said that her father had already sent somebody to come and pick her and that the person was on his way.’’

“So, we decided to wait and at about 10:26 p m, a man came to camp claiming to have been sent to pick Ekundayo by her father.

“The man identified himself as Apostle Adenuga Otaru of the Antioch Church, Sagamu and also the Chairman, Remo Chapter of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria.

“At that point we asked the man to sign an undertaking which he did and the girl also signed an undertaking that she  knew and was familiar with the man who came to pick her up.

“Contrary to the rumour that we threw the girl out at night, we did not throw the girl out, she opted to leave the camp at the time in the company of someone she identified as having been sent by her father to pick her,’’ Anosike explained.

Source: Vanguard Newspapers

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  1. Where comes these bylaws that negate the culture and believe of the people. When has ladies wearing trousers become mandatory in our culture and/or religious beliefs. These bye law has to be reviewed.

  2. Am not a christian but I really respect the lady’s decision coz NYSC bye-law is never more than a religion & bye d way is dis so-called NYSC really serving d purpose for which it was created to serve?? Or is dis just one of those avenues of looting public funds????? Mttcssshhhh!!!!! Na GOD go judge all of una…

  3. Most corp members sign undertaken without reading through because of the stress they have to go through and for those that read through, they have no choice than to sign because without it they cannot progress or move on to the next stage of the registration. Mrs Anosike’s claim that she signed an undertaken is not enough reason for that lady to be de-camped. She must have signed the undertaken under duress. Well, its better for her to go please God than to please a corrupt scheme (NYSC) that has nothing to offer her other than the discharge certificate. She will get a better job with or without NYSC cos those that wait upon the Lord, He will renew their strength and they shall mount up like Eagles…etc. (Isaiah 40:31).

  4. Everyone has a life to leave. Ekundayo wearing of skirt would change nothing to d service year. As long as she wears the khaki. The camp director acted too far to have decamped her. She should have been easy on her to accept the fact dat she has decided to leave the camp rather than wear the trouser. She should be suspended herself. All this our leaders self they act unreasonable sometimes. May GOD fight for ekundayo.

  5. Her right has be violated, army, police, navy and other paramilitary uses both skirt and trouser. Haba nysc officials should apologized to her and give her award. Where its in the nysc guide line that skirt is not allow. This is absolutely injustice to her and she should go to court to press for her right and liberate others.

  6. Her right has be violated, army, police, navy and other paramilitary uses both skirt and trouser. Haba nysc officials should apologized to her and give her award. Where its in the nysc guide line that skirt is not allow. This is absolutely injustice to her and she should go to court to press for her right and liberate others.

  7. This is an act of religious fanatism by the lady. ♓☺w does wearing a trozer or not a measure of Ɣ☺ƱR religion faith?

  8. The lady is right,the 1999 constitution supercede any state law or bye law made by any institutions,the constitution respect each and everyone’s religious conviction as long it does not affect ohter people’s right,NYSC does n’t have the constitutional right nor the moral obligation to decamp anyone on the ground of non compliance to the trouser for female while other military institutions have over come this imbloglo long before our indepedence,its just a pity that this country is still very backward,just a pity,I advise she should go to court

  9. People should just be realistic here. U’re all claiming dt dey should respect her faith but has anyone of u supporting this lady actually thought of the fact dt she has to be involved in certain activities dt require her actually wearing trousers. These activities can’t be performed with skirt. Or is she saying dt if she’s going to workout she would wear a skirt. Pls that’s just the problem with religion in Nigeria. We claim that trousers are for men when its not. Reading a lot of these comments go to show the typical African mind that is gullible and doesn’t research things themselves. Fine if she even believe dt wearing trousers would lead her to hell is it just not 4 a month and its even better cos she gets to protect her dignity much better that way than exposing herself all in the name of wearing skirt. So sad

  10. i really fail to see the correlation about how putting on trousers by a lady is supposed to help her serve her nation. isnt nysc about service to the nation?. y then would any1 think its okay to mak ppl go against dier wishes over somtin so trivial as wearn trousers by a lady? its true its in d byelaws not to disobey but arent rules meant to be amended to improve its effecincy. nysc shld wak up n amend its rules even law enforcemnt agencies allow ladys who prefare to go on skirt. it doesnt mk dm fanatical. its just all about RIGHTS of ppl n how odrs shld try to respect dm.

  11. People that are saying that military women wear skirt,let me ask u all a question. Do those women wear skirt on active duties(do they wear skirt to go to war?).she is going to be climbing ropes and all kind of exercise for God sake. A question to the girl herself, Ʋ no dey wear tight for under U̶̲̥̅̊я̅ skirt?abi dat one no trouser, na under skirt. Nobody knows who is holy, or who is going to heaven. We are all just trying. They are not telling you to wear the trousers all the days of your life. Abeg leave that holy thing for side. Some girls wey no dey wear trousers worse past the girl wey dey wear. Na her life sha

  12. As much as I don’t support ð girl, NYSC has no case here @all. Why do some muslim ladies wear their hijab on camp ground? Not even ð short ones, ð long full ones and they are allowed to stay on camp. Does their dressing comply wit ð dress code of NYSC? If we re talking of law here, it shuld be for everybody. And this skirt thing dat was not allowed @ Sagamu’s camp ground, it culd ve been allowed some oda camps. So pls NYSC, wen laws are made, let dem be applicable everywhere and for everybody. Thanks

  13. She’s unserious….if I’m 2say anyfin there won’t be space 4me 2write on cuz I’ll finish her,,,,madam sabinus!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Should she stumble others especially the male corp members by the time she is climbing ropes , ups and downs? let us think about proper means to cover her privacy. May be she had a plan for seduction, anyway.

  15. I consider Ekundayo’s case as that of ignorance of the provisions of the Bible as well as the desire to please her denominational beliefs. I commend her any way for standing firm on what she believes but should have done better by entering into negotiation with the authorities after all the documentations were done to enable her either get a skirt or make do with the trousers. Wearing of trousers will not take her to hell neither will it make her to lose her faith before God and men.
    Others like her should learn from her ignorance and mistake.

  16. Nysc orientation camp is partly para military and the kits were made to protect the participants. She can’t take part in the morning drills and other camp activities wearing a skirt. I am a current serving corp member and also a christian. Wearing the trousers won’t send you to hell.

  17. This is a clear case of religious Fanatism….
    There is a rule and she broke it…
    Wethere she is right or not, she has chose to leave which she did.
    I have been taught to obey rules and regulations. Her actions will not bring a revolution to this because it is pointless wearing a khaki skirt in such harsh terrains.
    The people who tought up the dress code had a reason for using trousers.
    There are exercises to be carried out as well as tedious drills corpers undergo and is it in a skirt those want to be done? I dont support, She is out of the camp and that is the best for her and everybody else.
    If your talking of wearing trousers is a sin then she has been a sinner all her life because she wont tell me she doesnt wear PANTIES(underwear), which are also like trousers too…

  18. all these ppl supporting and praising her for her so called faith i pity u all, for d girls am sure wen u served u wore trousers and for those yet to go u wil wear d same trousers. and for d guys am sure u will not advise ur sisters or relations not to abide by d rules and be denied d certificate. continue supporting a clear case of naivety and ignorance

  19. I think d arms of NYSC stuff have bin achieve a long time ago infact since d time of Gen Gowon and I honestly suggest dat dis NYSC of a thing shud b scrap bcos dis is total wasting of our youth’s precious time n it is unacceptable.

  20. Dey should ask dat gal,wot’s dat her name self,weda apart frm wearin trouser,she’s nt cmitin any oda sin,holy holy,d bible tel us to obey d authority!Educated illiterate.

  21. My dear u r d only person who wrote wit his or her head here.for Christ sake, she herself said instead she ll nt serve. Dat is arrogance she didn’t do it d rite way if its about sinning she has already sinned Datz if she actually put it Dat way. The trousers is even for her comfort in the camp. Most of us Christians r d once making d unbelievers to refuse to repent, we make salvation look like punishment instead of joy and gladness of the heart. There r oda ways to stand for wat u believe instead of saying u would rather leave the camp dan wear trousers. People plsssssss tink before u comment.


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