Obama’s Policies Have Only Increased Black Unemployment – Dr Ben Carson

Dr. Ben Carson
Dr. Ben Carson

A comment from the world-renowned neurosurgeon, Dr Ben Carson has sparked a discussion in the African American community.

“If President Obama wants to be a hero in the African-American community, he should do something to alleviate the “abominable” Black unemployment rate in America,” says Dr. Carson.

The head of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Md., who was the first surgeon to separate conjoined twins, has continued to ride the wave of momentum from his last speech by speaking out on the economic policies of the Obama administration by stating that they’ve been harmful to Black Americans.

According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, Black unemployment stood at 13.8 percent in January, more than double the unemployment rate of Whites, which was measured at 6.6 percent for the same period. A year ago the Black unemployment rate was 14.2 percent, less than half a percent point higher. Meanwhile White unemployment fell more than one percent in the last year from a high of eight percent.

“I think the best thing that he (President Obama) can possibly do that will help minorities is to enact policies that allow for growth of the economy,” said Carson. “Because when you look at the employment rate for instance in the African American community, it’s abominable. And the policies that have been enacted have only made it worse. They have not made it better. So if he really wanted to be a hero in that community, let’s start doing some things that make sense economically and get the money flowing.”

Carson became a subject of national conversation after he criticized policies being pursued by the Obama administration at the National Prayer Breakfast last month. Also, he said both the Republican and Democratic parties had issues when it came to diversity and leveraging government policies for the advancement of minority groups.


  1. Thats true! Its a challenge to obama. Hw sensible is it for him as a black president to enact economical policies that end up being unfavorable to the blacks. Its inhuman. Ok, now he talks about the ‘obama health care bill’, why? How does that affect humans positively? How? Not just that, its is to be ‘implanted’ and implanted against your will. If he really is of the African soil, then am afraid, he is a coward, a twerp and a fool and a disgrace to this generation. And i pray God helps and saves him frm hs predicament.

  2. @Dr McPaddy, you are surely a misinformed person, i agreed with Carson on his points but on your comment about implant, what are they implanting? you’ve been misinformed with Nigerias mentality through bbm text messages, there is nothing as implanting chips on people if that’s what you meant, the same type of health system is parcticed in UK, Ireland, Spain, Germany, Austria, France, Cuba, Venezuela etc for decades and there is not a single implant, the same system was practiced in the old western region of Nigeria under Awolowo as a welfare focused administration. Some Wealthy Americans are against it because it is a socialist way of taking care of poor people, whereby America is a Capitalist country where the rich squeezes the remaining little from the poor to get richer, so don’t be brainwashed by propaganda, you are only making yourselves a laughing stock. Since you have access to the internet, why don’t you do some research?

  3. nice reply @rico. Lazy humans just sit down and believe wat friends or foes tel them. @dr. Paddy b4 u make any statement always ave a concrete bck up.


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