[Opinion] .. Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em..

Children are our future by Lola AlliThere was a long running sitcom in the United Kingdom during the 70’s called, “Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em” starring Frank Spencer. This comedy was shown in Nigeria and was very popular because of Franks’ haphazard and naivety and the calamity he caused through his actions and inactions.  He was easily shocked (scared too) and would prefix times like this by saying, “Ooh” and normally ending with, “Betty” (the latter being his pick up the pieces of his incompetences’, “wife”).  I wonder, Why did they not call it, “Some PARENTS do ‘ave ’em?”

Lets celebrate mothers (Godmothers or a ‘quasi mother’) and thank God for them.  Some mothers do not know what it means to be a mother and the impact mothers can have on our lives as adults.

Whilst growing up, and definitely during our teenage years, many of us have pondered or given thought, at one time or another, that our mothers’ discipline was too strong or too strict and not borne out of love. I am sure as the years have unfolded, and in hindsight, the realisation that our mother disciplined us because they loved us.

As a parent or child-carer, regardless of whether you have given birth to a child or not; our duty is to try our best to bring up each child as a community not left for the mother to do all the work or to take the blame (as does the fictional mum of Frank). In the absence of a father figure, everyone around should ensure that incompetencies, waywardness and misbehaviour is addressed by all (not just to Betty)!

Today, thank your mum (and if she is not around then thank ANY mother you know) for providing  sound “instruction” even when it may have been difficult for them.  If they are not providing what they should be to nurture their child then see how you can help fill in the gap, prayers are normally the best place to start!


Lola Alli


Author of Nurturing Progressive Achievers



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