Osun CAN Accuses Aregbesola Of Promoting Islamic Agenda, Religious Extremism

rauf aregbesolaGovernor Rauf Aregbesola has been accused by the Christian Association of Nigeria of attempting to Islamise Osun State.

This position was made known by the Chairman, Osun chapter of CAN, Superior Evangelist Abraham Aladeseye, and the Secretary, Rev Father Gbenga Ajayi, at a news conference in Osogbo on Monday.

The organisation, among other things, accused the Aregbesola administration of attempting to drive a wedge between religious groups in Osun because the state government had been fixing state functions for Sunday mornings.

CAN added that the government might have changed the name of Osun State from ‘State of the Living Spring’ to ‘State of the Virtuous,’ because “Jesus Christ is referred to as the living spring.”

CAN also faulted the insistence by some state government-backed Islamic fundamentalists, who had been calling for the wearing of hijab in all public schools – including Christian public schools saying that the development had led to increasing restiveness in the state.

Also, the Christian group decried the declaration of a public holiday by the Aregbesola administration, stressing that “not even in Sokoto, the seat of the caliphate, is Hijra declared a public holiday.”

The group said, “Bearing in mind the poor economic status of our state, one simply wonders why the governor chose to demolish the existing buildings in public schools, rather than renovate them as was being done by Ondo State Government.

“If this is not religious extremism, what else can it be, considering the fact that in the 40-year history of the National Youth Service Corps, hijab has not been incorporated into the NYSC uniform?”

But the Director, Bureau of Communication and Strategy in the state, Semiu Okanlawon, said the issues raised by CAN “are those that had been resolved long before now and in which all Christian leaders at the various meetings with the governor expressed clear understanding of the positions of the government.”


  1. Pls don’t allow the northern boko haram to influence your administration/ agender . Mind you that your manifestos has nothing to do with religion & not only muslims that voted you into Osun got. House/office

  2. Kill urself untop him. Osun CAN do not have any point.I can decide to were hijab untop my NYSC uniform since am a muslim,did he force any christian to do so? U may decided to go to office on Sunday bcos sunday is not christian day,its just a public holiday.however muslims do av programe on sunday i.e NASFAT,QOREB n co,so individual will decide wethere to go to church or office. Morover,it has nothing to do if Sokoto decleared Hijra day or not,if christian is there nobody will complain if u declear pastor Adeboye day. Pls stop discriminating,SILLEnT Bokoharam.

  3. This christians are the Boko haram in disguise.
    I don’t know why they like creating trouble that they can’t withstand.
    They are soooooo brain washed against Islam. This is really bad and this is why God is going to so much punish you in hell for going against his religion following a mans doctrine.
    I agree with that pastor that visited Hell and saw well noted Pastors in Hell. Did you hear him say anything about imams in HELL?
    Programmed nitwits.
    Focus on Islam not Muslims.
    Islam is perfect but Muslims are not. Which makes them Human.
    Hell await those saying God has a Son. God is not a man who sins, eat, feed,sleep or attend to call of nature.
    God is a spirit and those who worship Him worship Him in spirit not in form, shape or size like the christians do for Jesus. Jesus instructed you to worship his God and your God (JOHN 20:17) but you threw his teaching away,
    He also said in (Mark 12:29) hear O Israel the Lord our God is one Lord including him. But you forgot that which he said as a message which God sent him to deliver. And this is why God is going to send all those who said he is three of one. For God is just ONE and you must submit to Him alone. Make hay while you still have life and make research on what Islam is before is to late coz Jesus taught islamic monotheism which iz submission to one true creator Allah. Salam

  4. Xtians r enemies of Islam, that is why they bury their deceased fellows on Fridays, don’t forget d Yoruba meaning of “Friday”, is it not those AJAYI CROWTHER’S and CO. that translated it that way. A governor said Muslims should wear hijab, are they wearing it on Christians heads, and how is that u ppls business, if u ppl share ur deceitful newtestaments in public schools u don’t select xtian children along, u give xtians n Muslims, but we don’t complain, had it been a Muslim organisation is shaing a copy of d holy Qur’an, in public school u saddist will see something terrible in it. If u xtians don’t tolerate our religion we shall not tolerate u xtians anymore in south-west.



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