Osun House Summons CAN Leaders Over Alleged Plot By Government To Islamize State

Governor of Osun State Rauf Aregbesola
Governor of Osun State Rauf Aregbesola

Osun State House of Assembly has called on religious leaders in the state to be wary of unscrupulous politicians scheming to use religion to destabilize the state.

The call came following allegations by the state chapter of the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN that the State governor Rauf Aregbesola was planning to Islamize the state.

Speaking on a matter of urgency raised by the lawmaker representing Ola-Oluwa State Constituency, Mr. Ajibola Akinloye, on allegation raised by the state chapter of CAN, that Governor Rauf Aregbesola was planning to Islamize Osun, Speaker Najeem Salaam said religion was sacred to faithful, sensitive in nature, and personal to the adherents, arguing that using it as political weapons portrayed desperation of highest order.

The Speaker expressed reservation on the statement credited to the leadership of CAN on the perceived restiveness in Osun, when atmosphere in the state was peaceful, noting that most of the issues raised in the statement “were politically manufactured, ill-conceived, and quite unfortunate.”

“I have my reservation for the statement credited to the state chairman of CAN, Superior Evangelist Abraham Aladeseye, because if a governor with Christian deputy, 10 Christians out of 14 Commissioners, nine Christians out of 10 Special Advisers, and 16 Christian out of 26 lawmakers is accused of ‘Islamization’ agenda, then all indicators point to the illogicality of the argument.

“And it is obvious that the issues raised were politically manufactured, ill-conceived, and quite unfortunate.”

Sources say the call by the CAN leadership came following some policies of the government that pointed towards what takes in Islam. A source cited the example of the new mode of measurement of grains enforced by the government. The state had been using a measurement referred to as ‘congo’, but the state government has now enforced the use of weighing balance.


  1. I don’t know what people gain in disturbing other’s peace. It seem that what CBN Boss said the other time will be the best solution to this Nigeria problems,which advice federal Government to cancell all religious bodies because most of them are undertone partisan politics now and derail from their resposibilities. Because some their coments these days could errupt unending war if care is not taken. God save Nigeria.

  2. Thank God that Osun State is totally populated by yorubas. Secondly, the state is situated far away from the north where muslims are the majority. The so-called CAN Association has always been a problem in the north and they want to cause another disunity among the state indigenes simply becouse the state is governed by a muslim. The truth shall triumph.


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