Pharmacist Slaps Aero Contractors With N10m Law Suit Over Cancelled Flight


Aero Contractors is facing a law suit over cancellation of the flight of a Lagos pharmacist. The scheduled flight from Lagos to Abuja on October 18, 2012 was canceled without any reasonable notice.

In a suit filed at the Federal High Court, Ikeja, Lagos, by his counsel, Kehinde Imoohi, and dated February 25, 2013, Dr. Greg Imoohi is asking for N9,530,000 in special and general damages from the airline for the losses and damages he suffered after the cancellation of flight AJ 130 he booked to travel from Abuja to Lagos on October 18, 2012 without any reasonable notice or reason.

In his statement of claim, the pharmacist, who said he booked on October 17, 2012, in Abuja for the flight scheduled to depart the Federal Capital Territory the next day at 4:15 pm and arrive Lagos at 5.30 pm, averred that the sudden cancellation of the flight without notice caused him losses, emotional distress, hardship and inconveniences.

The officials of the airline at the Nnamdi Azikwe Airport, he further claimed, had declined to volunteer any information to him on the cancellation and he consequently checked into a hotel, where he remained for six days before his flight was reconfirmed.

He said he had made an elaborate arrangement to celebrate his birthday in Lagos on October 22, 2012, but aborted it when he could not make it to Lagos due to the flight cancellation and his resultant delay.

The plaintiff faulted the claims in the letter of the airline to his lawyer that the flight was cancelled due to weather condition and operational reasons which may have impacted on safety.

The reasons, he said, were not only an afterthought “aimed at justifying their negligence, wilful misconduct and breach of duty to care,” the excuse of “weather condition,” was untenable as some other airlines, including ARIK and IRS made their respective flights at about the same time from that airport on that day.

No date has been fixed for the mention of the case [Punch]


  1. Very typical of nigerian airliners, they’ll cancel flights with no regards 2 passengers interests & since they always get away with such recklessness & insensitivity, it keeps recurring. The major culprits being Arik air and aero contractors, I hope other nigerians learn to start asserting their rights.