Photo: Man Caught With Human Parts In Osun

Strange things are beginning to abound in Osun State, used to be regarded as one of the most peaceful states in Nigeria, but shouldn’t pass for that anymore as strange news continue emanating from the state daily amid increasing poverty levels as salaries of government workers are no longer paid as at when due, in a state where the economy is upheld by same; the whole population bears the brunt when workers are broke. This however is not an excuse for the incessant ritual killing and robbery in the state.

A middle-aged man has been caught selling human parts in the Oke-Opo area of Ilesha of the state. The man was caught by the Osun state police command after a tip off by residents of the area. The man was caught while dismembering an unknown man. What he has refused to say is if he finds people, kill them, butcher them then sell their parts or if he digs graves for dead bodies and sell their parts.

He is currently being interrogated by the police.