Photo: Soldier Forces Corps Members To Do Frog Jump With Their Boxes On Their Head

Screen_20130305_183711For those who have undergone the mandatory one year of national service to the father land or have relatives or friends who have ‘served’ or still in service, it is not uncommon to hear tales of military brutality and high handedness during the three weeks of orientation/camping activities.

The photo to the left tells a very well-known story – of graduates dehumanized and meted all sorts of punishment in the name of discipline.

The people in the photo are graduates who reportedly came late to their camp in Nasarawa State, north-central Nigeria and were forced to do the frog jump with their boxes on their head by a soldier on duty.

Is this punishment justified or is it simply demeaning?


  1. That kind of punishment should not be encouraged cos most times its not d Fault of d students but their school. Sometimes the students receives their results late..

  2. No mind all these soldiers na so dem dey treat graduates like piece of thrash. Govt should jst scrap these scheme coz it doesn’t make sense. They should empower the youth with the money instead of slaughtering cows 4 camp officials to eat and in return subject KOPERS to all sought of hardship.

  3. Its fun, not punishment. D first day we entered camp(isselu uku) we wia asked to carry our bags on our hand, d 1st pesin in d queue will b d driver while d last person who was d conductor was asked to b shouting ‘run oh! Run oh!’ lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  4. Head not hand. And we ran from dia to d hostel. It wasn’t even for dos dat reported late cos i know we camp early

  5. Yeah it’s just fun and I enjoyed it during my time. It will suprise u to know dat corps members are not unhappy about it!

  6. Are you sure they are corp members or boko-harams coming to infiltrate the camp? & why should they come late to camp? I know its an orientation camp which implies (still learning) so why worry about frog jump. You pple should tell us better things

  7. this are type of punishments meant for soldiers and not civilians,thats what they do to recuit or first terma student when entering the gates

  8. noting bad in it….so dey are late so dey need it, also is part of d training… once like dem b4, so its nt new…..MORAL HIGH

  9. I won’t take that because they don’t know what i passed through on the road before getting there. It’s simply demeaning!!!

  10. Its not fun @ all..@ least dey supose to consider d travelling stress dey must hav passed tru..cos we want to serve u ppl agreed military to treat graduate dis way…not proper @ all

  11. this is not punishment but the fun in the service year the drills there is just to train some people that when u r travelling u need to carry what u will be able to carry even under any situation not travelling with bag n bagages.Plz allow those soldiers to do their job.Thanks

  12. The funniest part is that those people undergoing the frog jump will see it as having fun cos all of them are excited been on Camp. Funny tinz.

  13. Hmmmmmmmmm, we are now in Taraba camp and everything is going smoothly. The men at work are treating us fairly without much trespassing corps members.

  14. The incident should be reported first to the state NYSC coordinator who must call the soldiers n military men there to order,apologies should be tendered to the Affected student by both the military Authorities in the camp n the Nysc authority. Finally the graduates themselves should ask themselves one question,should I be Humiliated bc of Nysc? Then resist such command the Heavens will not falls.


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