Photos: Eight Year Old Boy Takes 61-Year Old Mother Of Five As ‘Wife’

8 years old marries 61 year old woman in south africa5An unusual wedding ceremony between an eight-year old boy and 61-year old woman took place weekend in Tshwane, South Africa with close to 100 people in attendance.

Sanele Masilela (8) and Helen Shabangu (61) had their families present at the union – the bride’s husband and her five children were also at the wedding.

Explaining why the wedding took place, Sanele’s aunt, Patience Masilela (46), said: “The boy was named after his late grandfather who never had a white wedding, so the ancestors told the boy to get married and he chose Helen to be his bride. The family took his desire to get married very seriously. They paid for the bride in March last year and spent a lot on the wedding because they believed it was what the ancestors wanted.”

The bride who was visibly excited, stated: “I’m married and have five kids of my own, but I know that this is what the ancestors wanted, and now they are happy. it is a ritual. we are just playing now, but it is a sign that he will get married one day”.

Sanele who stated his desire to continue his education explained the reason behind the wedding thus: “I told my mother that I wanted to get married because I really did want to. I chose her because I love her and I’m happy that I married her, but I will go to school and study hard. When I’m older I will marry a lady my own age.”
8 years old marries 61 year old woman in south africa 8 years old marries 61 year old woman in south africa1 8 years old marries 61 year old woman in south africa4



  1. It crazy, i mean how could that be possible. 8 year old boy married to 61 year old woman. According to constitutional 8 year suppose to be primary school(universal basic education). This is the foundation of corruption. Because the prophecy as already been review that if the world is coming to an end, a lot of terrible things will be happen like this one’s. It nothing but an essentric attitude……. This is insane.

  2. Such is life dey say but i dnt kn wen south africa wil embrace xtianity bcos d cause of dis inhuman act is wat their ancestors say. & dey legally agreed 2 ask d boy who do u like to marry? Nonsence

  3. This is childish infact nonsence,both d parent of d boy and d woman in question are animals. Infact they are devil incanet. In short by d power in d blood of Jesus i release Holy Ghost fire upon them.

  4. This is unbelivrble an 8 yr old pikin that suppose 2 b in primary school,mrrd an 61 yr old woman that suppose 2 b his grand ma! What is the world turning in to?And 4 that mattr church wddn!! Fucking ancestors!!!

    • It has bin sed dt wen d world is abt 2 end,difrent fins wil b apenin,dis is 1 of dem,I jst hope dey hv nt use dt boi 4 sacrifice 2 d gods of their land,may God hv merci on each nd evri 1 of dem dt re involv in 1 way or d oda nd may God 4gv dis generation.

      • My concern is the church pastor that came so low to accept the wish of an ancient ancestors who are dead and has no life, the young boy has just been convinced by his parents to be used as a sacrifice for such an act which is not biblical. However we should all pray for the innocent boy that God should protect him.

  5. Its not right 4 an 8 yr old kid 2 get married to an old lady like dat, the woman is crazy hw cn d boy litle penis enter her wide pussy dnt she knw dt she is old enough 2 be hs great grand mother,were is she wen her mate were geting married jumping fm one bed 2 another. tufiakwa it cnt happen in nigeria.

  6. Hmmm,tradition,dis has a big role in making sure dis boy get married 2 dis old woman.Again,d word ” LOVE” & tradition has a unifying factor in determining d boy’s present future. However when he grows up & study hard,he’s gonna marry a lady of his age.So in a nutshell,he’s only fulfilling d tradition of his ancestors,but not his wish per se.

  7. That child does not know what is going on. Really see his face,looking lost. Be on guard these are signs of the end time!
    Plus! That woman is surely a witch. I doubt who this child’s parents are . They are all demons! Watch out! The Lord is coming soon!

  8. An old person speaks in dat child. May be the woman’s late huzy who loved her so he uses de poor child! May we bow and pray 4 their deliverance.
    What will dat child do wit her? MARRIAGE is ment 2be consumed! So wat next? :@ .

  9. Dis is unbeleiveable,south african’s are u sleepin ova dis.well dis is a sign dat anti christ are every where n d end of d world is at hand.MAY GOD HELP US ALL IN JESUS NAME {AMEN} Nigerians beware!!!

  10. Aposcryphal indeed ………fanciful sight like dis tells us dat d world is going 2 an end. Wh knws d next in-line? Wld b a yr old o…lol! Am so ashame of dis our gentn may God hv mercy on us,amen.

  11. Mai mai mai. . . . . .is these not what isaiah the prophet spoke about that on the last 4 women will crab 1 man for marriage and they will do evil all in the name of love……this absolutely a psychological phenomenon and clair madness

  12. Aposcryphal indeed……..Fanciful sight lk dis tels som1 dat dis world is going 2 an end,wh knws d nxt kid in-line 2 get married? May b it wld b a yr old o lol………Nawa 4 una wer get dat pekin 2 hv allowed such act 2 occur in dis our genrtn o!God hv mercy on us,amen.

  13. Hahahahahahaha? This is an incretable story 4 an 8 years old child 2 marry a 61 years old woman. It ungodly, an it is the work of the evil one, the both families should give their life to God and free that child 4rm ancestral bondage.

  14. De boy is an unbeliever dat is why he get married to 61yrs old woman. and de aunt explained why de marrage was held dat de father did not do his white wedding and she still explain dat it was what de ancestors desired. So don’t blame de boy because de boy is not a christian dat is why it happens like dat.

  15. tins like this have been happening it’s never a new thing .wot about the ones we do not know, ma pple dis d world is coming to an end,which other prove do we need? satan is manipulating in many ways ways. Believe me it wasnt b boy acting rather satan was using him. Beloved pple of God lets give our life to christ

  16. They say love is blind, this one has no eyes. I really doubt that the boy knows what he wants. What fucking ancestors are these, one of the elements of religion playing the delusional into a delirium. I hope he finishes his education, first things first.

  17. I cant believe dis,i wish de little boy is my brother,i would hav showed him my own part of marriage,and also wed dat old fool in my own way,afta dat,dey will neva know de meaning luv. I blame deir country,bro ikenna are u dere wen all dis happen dere.may god hav mercy on all of u.f*₹¥k ur president.

  18. I really cant fathom d way U guyz think. Its jst simple english datz troubling yah petulant and bozoic mind. Sit yah f*ckin asses down to re-read d content of d in4mation. D boy got married to da woman coz of thr “ancestral” belief. D boyz papa gat no power 2 do a whyt wedding. D eager came reincarnated and d boy had to oblige 2 wat thr belief sayz. (as we do obey our own beliefs). U simpletons, d boy has said hez gonna go 2 skul, continue his life (wtout being tied down by any wedlock) afterwords get married to a woman of his age whom he’ll love by den. D wedding is jst a ritual to avert mis-happenings frm d boyz family. Nigerians, Use yah brains n cease leaving it idle. Shalom Alekhum.

  19. Tanx Alexchangz for dat observation, I tut I was the only one that read it, I see ppls comment and I’m like “are they commenting on what I just read?” Ppl please try to read and make sense outta a thing before saying anything…

  20. Tanx Alexchangz for dat observation, I tut I was the only one that read it, I see ppls comment and I’m like “are they commenting on what I just read?” Ppl please try to read and make sense outta a thing before making unnecessary and illiteracy-defined comments…..

  21. It is this same South African people that acted a movie called the gods are crazy, today we are seeing it in manifestation. Their gods is really crazy. May God show them mercy and deliver them from crazy tradition in Jesus Name.

  22. why are we suprise about this.
    On this earth we practise gay and lesbian even among pastors
    mother sleep with her son
    father sleep with are 7 dauther
    elder brother sleep with her yonger sister
    human being having sex with animal
    normal person having sex with madwomam on day time public.
    So let us pray to God that his kingdom sould come.

  23. Laugh wan tear ma belle ooo! An Eight(8) years old nigger getting married to a sixty one(61) years old mama! What the F.U.C.K? If I catch ma self say I do dat kind fin, ah..!!! I will dis own ma self… Laughs! Laughs!! Laughs!!!, ma mum kan’t even hear such! Which kind Ancestors be that? Mtcheeew! The Ancestors no go die well, God purnish Ancestors, e no go beta 4 ancestors wey wan spoil ma life! Lols..!!!

  24. Thank God For Every Thing! I Don’t Know What People Think Each Time They Find A Post. They Only Comment And Follow What The First Fool Commented On The Post, Failed To Read Thru The Line. South Africa Is Not Nigeria That Have Sold Their Tradition, Culture To Politics.

  25. There is a God in heaven that know everything that pertaining to human life. This is a story where traditionally they have to put end to a curse or what they think might happen n the future. In Yorubaland we have many stories like this, we have in the bible where a young person became a King Joshia. Whatever be the case the woman is a great achiever at least she has help the boy to come out of the mess or curse of the community. For me it is a culture shock for us that condemn the wedding. To God be the glory that there is a Bible where we learn that a mature persons should marry. for me and my house we will serve that Lord. In case there is a curse like this and we are christian take it to the Lord in prayer. He who has been helping us in the past will surely help in the future. I can not do it for any reason because Jesus has done it for me. Jesus paid it all all to Him i owe…