Photos: Weeping Fans After Manchester United’s Loss

Manchester United lost at home to Real Madrid at the UEFA Champions’ league round of 16 stage, and the match ended with a bitter pill hard for Manchester United fans to swallow.

The referee’s decision to send Nani off for what he thought was a dangerous tackle was the turning point for Real in the match, who took full advantage of the extra man they had to win the match.

Manchester United could have defended their one goal lead with their lives though they were harshly done by, but they lost focus and conceded two goals.

A lot of Manchester United fans blamed it on the ref, but others who could not express their emotions in words let out the tears…well, according to the peeps who brought up these pictures.

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At the end of the day, it’s just a game, and it’s to be enjoyed. Some guys pull off this prank, but the pictures were hilarious to me when I saw them, and so I decided to share. Just so you’d know, I support Manchester United!


  • The second man wailing was on the day DIM Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu’s body was flown home to Enugu. Why does this medium use the wrong pictures for the wrong stories? Why? As a Journalist, if you do this in America you will definitely get your asses sued for good to oblivion.Please stop exploiting people’s images! This guy could not have been crying on this day so you use the picture for other trivial stories like losing in a game. This really sucks as far as Reporting goes.

  • why cryin? evn wt 11 vs 11 can dey win RMD? last year chelsea played wt 10 men against barca 11 men but stil won d match. d trut is dat man utd caneva bt rmd. stop dsgracin yorself wt yor crocodile tears

  • Crying or not madrid had Imerged victorious,even if ur claims r genuine,Hw is Man U take win Man city nd Liverpool if not by 10 against 11 in favour Man-U.always expect to feel what U hv caused ur partner to felt.Take heart Manchester stop making NOISE!!!

  • seriously, ur reporting is worse than crap! U guys in d bid to get views always report wrongly… Imagine u having to have someone fake a cry and using d second photo? That was d last straw, u guys ought to get ur asses kicked for ur fraudulent , and immature reporting.. Crap!

  • Pls accept defeat & stop blaming d ref,afterall Nigeria flying eagles played 9 man against chekoslovakia in saudi 89 & still qualify to the quarter finals after playing 1 all draw,its a game,man utd lost.

  • why crying? when you beat arsenal, liverpool, chelsea & mancity with ten against eleven, you feel you are the best. today is your turn to feel the agony of redcard.

  • Stupid Man U. fans,wen u did ojoro against 10 man liverpool,chelsea nko…fools..anoda pain awaits u 4rm my blues on SUNDAY..up BLUES..

  • football game is either loss or win, you can never be winner all the time likewise be loser all the time, but winner never quit and quiter never win so also life is a game, stop insulting one another.


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