PHOTO/VIDEO: Annie Idibia Takes Off Panties In New Movie “Girls In The Mood”

Many have been talking about this poster. We Just wanna know what you think. See the cover of Annie Idibia’s latest show below; gindmood

Enjoy the Behind the scene of the movie ‘Girls In The Mood’.
The story talks about the day to day activities of modern day girls. The good, the bad and the ugly nature of them all but the unfortunate thing is that these girls all have a shocking tale that led to this pathetic lifestyle.


  1. Is she the only girl that removed her panties on the poster? Ok the others are unknown soldiers abi? I guess Idibia must have seen that so allow the dead to bury the dead ha haa haaa different tales for different folks . What a cheap popularity for madam Anie.

    • Pls make una no spoil my Inlaw 2baba for Annie oo.. He happy for his wife Annie.. He holds his wife tight after the movie. Which means 2baba is aware before the movie so let us feel calm

  2. Hmmm. When will the media stay out of celebs life mm? Why not go to vilage and post about the vilage gals? Let them say let them say, na them sabi.

  3. rubish, rubish, i so much hate nigeria movies even right frm my mother’s womb. Busy acting nonsense. No ceativity, idealism, poor acting background, poorly certified and untalented characters. Painting d movies red unlike before. Corrupting and instigating our society. Nollywood is a disgrace.

    • About the ninja movies they are trying now than before. Have you watch this channel call rock in dstv most of the movies there are good. But my fellow ninja our government suppose to come into Nigeria movie and assist. The waepon use like guns in Nigeria movies are not good enough it looks fake. We are in the modern world now so we supose to follow other Africa country like south African

  4. Mh annie removed pant on stage yet she got married. Why u d drink para on anoda person headache. Wel as for me i will rather play with my pet than to watch nollywood movies. I lost interest on arts cos of nollywood.

  5. Annie , what’s all this na ? U just got married to one of the biggest boys in Africa for crying out loud. You don’t need this nollywood shit , plus what is wrong with u ? U don’t need the money or the fame cos u got it already like deja vu ! Pls don’t let the media rape u !!!!

  6. annie dis is unfair oo cos u just got married dat big boy an u re exposing all he paid for is not good at all pls try an respect him.u no he’s a public figure

  7. Nollywood has really became sumtin else, instigatin immorality to d society, corruptin young minds with dia unscrupulous act, its quite disturbing….

  8. All u dumb pple, avnt u heard of graphic designs n photoshop? From all indication dis pix was computer generated… Besides wat difference does it make if she’s married or not? Abeg there r more impt issues facing our nation dan dis sort of shitty headline

  9. annie,why exposing ur body?do u know that u are disgracing ur guy(2face)pls think twice and stop all this nonsense.

  10. What is all this, Annie, Annie,what is wrong with you people,go school na problem,abi ona no,know wetin be photoshop?well na her carrier bi that(acting)befor 2face marry her,mugu them ona dey hear me so!

  11. Let nollywound or what ar dey called stop corruptn d nation, anough of al d atrocities dey hav caused,al in d name of movie

  12. Nigeria’s when will u people grow up,this is just a film knowing fully well that she is wearing another pant inside,pls nigeria’s try $ think maturedly,Thanks

  13. what a big mistake;our body is the
    temple of God and he should ask God for forgiveness;it show that she is not responsible


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