Politicians, Not Boko Haram Behind Massive Destruction In Borno State – Gov. Shettima

Nigeria Radical SectRadical Islamist sect, Boko Haram, has been absolved of all the massive destruction of schools and other public properties in Borno State by the Governor, Kashim Shettima.

The governor stated this in Konduga Friday while inspecting the Pivot Irrigation Scheme (PVIS) project, which would be commissioned by President Goodluck Jonathan when he visits the state next week.

His words: “I can tell you without fear of contradiction that most of the destruction of public property is the handiwork of some opposition politicians who do not want us to succeed.

“Believe me, Boko Haram will not condescend so low to doing things like this. But I know politicians can do it.”

He further disclosed that there are insinuations that some disgruntled elements within the opposition are working tirelessly to create an atmosphere of insecurity in order to discourage the president from visiting Borno.

Shettima, therefore, directed that no less than 70 soldiers, policemen and vigilante group members be posted to keep watch at the Konduga irrigation project.

“We as a government will not fold our hands, but will provide adequate security to all government projects across the state,” Shettima said.


  1. @Zannah Ajiyah…pls what makes you the Federal govt is involved in the destruction of Govt properties?I think you re Stupid.The Gov was making a good point and you re there saying rubbish.why do you reason through your Anus?

  2. u guys must b more supid dan him to hav rise in defence of d federal govt.. Wat diffence does it make wen we say pdp and fg? Who is d fedrl govt? u r just defendin fedrl govt bcos its gej administrtion. If it were a northerner u would hav agree with zannah, but wat he said is true, federal govt has a hand in it wether u believ it or not, but dats d plain truth…sentiment will never allow dis country to grow, d masses r d most stupid and useless ppl whose sentiment will neva allow dem to see things and act on it for d developmnt of dis country. lets keep depending dis heartless politicians out of sentimnts and i asure u nigeria will nt just break but it will be a hell for every common man..