Presidency Denies Hijacking PDP… Says Jonathan Is A Democrat

President-Goodluck-Jonathan-480x300Just as speculations continue to mount over President Goodluck Jonathan’s perceived ‘clean up’ of the Peoples’ Democratic Party, PDP, in furtherance of his rumoured presidential ambition in 2015, Political Adviser to the President, Ahmed Gulak, said, “No individual can pocket the PDP.”

According to him: “The President is the leader of the party in Nigeria, the national chairman of the party is the leader of the NWC that runs the party on a day to day basis. If any body tells you that the President has taken over the party, he is not telling the truth.”

He described the PDP as a political party consisting of various people from across the country.

He stated, “It is a national party, it is not a regional party, it is not a tribal party. No individual can take PDP to be his own.

“No individual can pocket PDP. The PDP is a mass movement, it is a national party neither the governors nor the President can pocket PDP, the PDP belongs to all the members.

“So, no individual can pocket the PDP. Whatever anybody says, the PDP is the only organised party and the fact that the President is the national leader of the party does not mean that he has pocketed the party.

“The President is a democrat. Whatever he does follows wide consultations with all senior stakeholders, especially members of the BOT who are members that are about 50 years of age. As the conscience of the party, the BoT is supposed to mediate every disagreement.

“And the President also subjects himself to the mediation of the BOT and advice and counseling of BOT members. That is the position.”


  1. This man is either ignorant of Nigerians’ conscience or he is mocking at Jonathan. Where is the democracy in PDP? The party whose members have pocketed the whole country what more of a party itself? You’ll surely, see wonder in the coming months. You’ll see if presidency is achieved by calling press conference at Abuja. We are waiting for you.

  2. Jonathan can do anything becouse he merged with police, inec and judetiary. he will supprise by next coming election by God grace.

  3. Yes, true democrats are those who keep their promises. Jonathan, keep ur promises based on d statements u made about nt contesting in 2015. Then we shall call u a democrat.

  4. It’s only those that don’t have eyes n does’n appreciate good things always comments wrongly about the BEST PRESIDENT Nigeria ever had (GEJ)please our president is a GOD sent to transform our country ,please stop commenting with sentiment because if U are blind n can’t see what he is doing n U can’t ask questions to then u decide not vote him for second tenure,ur parents,brethren,community,L.G.A n state will so have a change of attitude so U will grow.thanks


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