Presidential Pardon: Group Targets 50,000 Signatures To Petition US, UK


‘Enough is Enough Nigeria’, a coalition of youth-led civil society group, has started gathering signatures on its petition to the United States, British, Canadian, German, Emirati embassies and South African High Commission in Nigeria, asking them to deny visas to those convicted of looting public funds.

The petition, entitled, “US, British, Canadian, German, South African and Emirati embassies in Nigeria: Deny visas to those convicted of looting public funds,” was uploaded on on Wednesday.

The group said in the petition; “Nigeria’s fight against corruption has attracted financial, technical and moral support from various governments and donor agencies. There must be a strong response to these pardons that show commitment to the fight against corruption and support for the Nigerian people who are opposed to the pardons.”

The displeasure of most Nigerians over the state pardon granted eight Nigerians, including ex-Governor Diepreye Alamieyeseigha was also expressed by the group.

“Of the eight pardons granted, the most talked about is that of ex-governor Alamieyeseigha of Bayelsa State, who jumped bail in the UK in 2005 after he was arraigned for money laundering charges but was later tried and convicted in Nigeria by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission. Alamieyeseigha is still wanted abroad. The second most talked about pardon, is that of Major Bello Magaji, who was convicted in 1996 of sexually assaulting little children. The third controversial pardon is that given to Mustapha Bulama, former Managing Director of the Bank of the North, who converted customers’ deposits into personal funds, crashing what was once Nigeria’s biggest regional bank.

“For looting state funds and customer deposits and abusing children, these three gentlemen have been granted state pardons, effectively sending a strong message of state-sanctioned abuse of power.

“We will like the US, British, Canadian, German, South African & Emirati governments who in different capacities support Nigeria’s fight against corruption and are popular destinations for Nigerians, to desist from granting visas to any persons, and members of their families, convicted of stealing public funds or acts that violate fundamental human rights,” the petition reads in part.

The group added that any sanction against current government officials to send a strong message of disproval of state-sanctioned looting of funds, would also be welcome.

The group targets 50,000 signatures on the petition, but had attracted over 600 on Friday.


  1. I think they should also visit all the ECOWAS STATES too, for restrictions of visas. And this should also apply to all the ex governor,ministers, senators, honorables, and every other politicians or public worker, tried and convicted for corruption.

  2. My good fellow Nigerians, please let us allow this ones that has been dealt with to be and focus on the nutorious ones that are controling the country with greater and greatest curruptions. And please, we the true Deltans need our Governor Ibori(i did not address him as former because we have not seen any other governor like or after him) to come back. We, especially myself, want to beg and appeal to the Federal government and to Mr. President, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan to please work on Ibori’s case and bring him back for us(me).

  3. my brothers i may not be that familiar with politics and its policies and am not justifying the state pardon but drawing our attention to what we say, do everyday we pray our “father forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who sin against us” God forgive us yet He frown at sin so my brother like jesus say he who is without sin should cast the first stone yet He frown at sin so what is our stance on forgiveness its a point to think about then i will give my signature as the 601 person

  4. wont u rest with all this Nigeria political nonsense that u are posting
    do u think it will make any difference
    i have always said we have no government but u people keep criticizing Jonathan as presdent while the national assembly have power to revoke his decisions and have power to access his usage or abuse of power
    the last time Tinubu said the Boko harram should be pardon after killing about 1000Nigerians
    the national assembly and jonathan and all the arms of Government are in this mess together
    that is my opinion and that is my stand
    Maybe jonathan refused to be made an escape goat of fighter of curruption while the people working with him are not ready to fight
    president over sees the affiars of the nation but the national assembly and house of rep over sees the abuse and making of laws
    the national assembly comprises the whole states of the nations with each having reprensentative
    let them pass motion on abuse of power on the president
    if they kept quiet then is a plan thing with house of assembly and the president including all the pdp board members
    that include Obasanjo as board of trustee
    cos the pdp have the highest votes in national assembly needed to impeach the president
    so lets call a spade and spade for once
    Nigerian politics are not ready to work period

    people calling themselves lawyer think the uk, canada or usa can listen to them. the visa sections are law made against the poor. everything about visa is howmuch money u have. if u have good account or ur father is rich u get visa. let them take their demsotration to the house of assembly and save u time cos they are really wasting their time. Demostration to house of assembly with placate is better and powerful then this shit. Nigeria have what is called non alignment policy meaning USA cant impose on decisions of the Nigeria Government. Money luandering is an international offense which under united nation he can be arrested and tried and i think let them put more emphasizes to the world court to have him tried for international money laundery instead of denials of visa. U people have education but lack major impact on reasoning on ur basic right and where u stand and what u got to do.