Press Release: President Jonathan Condemns Kano Motor Park Bomb Blast


President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has condemned in strong terms today’s (yesterday) bomb blasts in Kano. The President said the barbaric incident will not deter the Federal Government from its strong-willed determination to overcome those who do not mean well for this nation. He said the Federal Government will not be stampeded, for any reason whatsoever, into abandoning its unrelenting war against terrorists in the country.

President Jonathan reassured Nigerians and foreigners in the country that the Nigerian Government will continue to do all that is required to ensure the safety of lives and property, including continued collaboration with local and international partners and stakeholders to check the menace of terrorism.

President Jonathan commiserated with the victims of the Kano explosions, their families and friends, and assured the Kano State government of the Federal Government’s continued support.

Reuben Abati
Special Adviser (Media & Publicity) to the President
March 18, 2013


  1. @ Mr Reuben Abati
    Special Adviser (Media & Publicity) to the President

    To you and your oga at the top.

    With all due respect as our leaders; and may God have mercy on me:

    You people are playing with posterity…
    If I may ask you people…what do you think you are doing? Leading or Reaping? Who are you, and what do you want Nigerians to see you as? Self-centred or Selfless? Lip-service or sincere? White-painted tombs but inside is full of dead mens’ bones? Fearful or Faithful? Seeing and Knowing what you ought to do and you won’t do it? Greedy and lusting after more…more…money?
    I think you have totally forgotten who you are, and that GOD is a rewarder of the righteous and the evil alike.

  2. So kind u are Mr president. But for how long will ur govt remain adamant about these callous acts by these sector. I don’t want to believe dat dis sector group is greater than Nigeria. I think it. Is high time d mass is cared for. Thanks sir

  3. Jona in τ̲̅ђέ bible was known as a sleeper. Our president also is a deep sleeper for how long will Ɣ☺ΰ stop this mass killing. Afterall Boko haram are ♈ōϋя cabinet members. If Ɣ☺ΰ fail to save our nation God will surelly replace Ɣ☺ΰ Inshal ALLAhu

  4. Having lost all these souls, its a shame for a whole so called functioning president of Nigeria and other cabinet criminals members to sympatise with the victimised families. My God is a just one, He will surely reward and your generations. Amen.