Retiree Jailed For Pinching Woman In Dubai

dubai courts

A retiree has been jailed for three months for pinching a woman’s buttocks while she stood beside her car in the parking lot of Wafi City.

The Dubai Court of First Instance convicted the 39-year-old Emirati of molesting the 28-year-old British woman when he put his hand outside the window of his sport utility vehicle and pinched her.

Presiding judge Mohammad Jamal sentenced the defendant, who is entitled to a retrial according to the UAE’s Criminal Procedures Law in absentia.

According to the charge sheet, the defendant molested the Briton by pinching her on December 17.

The woman testified that the incident happened around 3pm when she was standing in front of her car.

“I noticed a car coming behind me. Someone stretched out his hand and pinched my behind. When I turned back to check, I spotted the SUV and the defendant’s arm outside the window… then the car disappeared,” claimed the woman.

A report from Dubai Police’s forensic department said the footage obtained from close-circuit television cameras confirmed that the SUV driver had groped the woman.

The defendant apparently admitted that the SUV’s number plate as recorded on the surveillance cameras belonged to him and that no one else drives the car except him.

A woman present a the trial joked about the man’s action saying he retired too early, and that was why he couldn’t but engage in such childish acts.

Tuesday’s judgement remains subject to appeal within 15 days.