Ribadu Faults Jonathan On Boko Haram, Says Only Amnesty Will Prevent Another Civil War

ribadu-report-bnPioneer Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, Mallam Nuhu Ribadu, has warned that the refusal of President Goodluck Jonathan to grant amnesty to terror group, Boko Haram, can lead to another civil war.

Ribadu,  who spoke on Liberty FM in Kaduna on Saturday, urged the President to grant amnesty to the  violent Islamist sect for peace to return to the country,  saying  he  (Jonathan) should not claim that the sect members were ghosts.

He argued that with the way things were  happening in the country, if nothing  was  done, “Nigerians will lose Nigeria to a civil war.”

Advising Nigerians against voting for a leader they can not trust, Ribadu told Jonathan to “hearken to the voice of the people.”

Ribadu said, “Jonathan was wrong to have said he will not grant amnesty to Boko Haram;  he should not fail to protect the  people and when people call saying we are tired, we are down; even if it means to dialogue and have an solution to the whole process, he should opt for such.

“You cannot say they are faceless because faceless people do not do things like this. Faceless people cannot be responsible and daily you see them on Facebook. Faceless people cannot be in your custody; ghosts cannot be people that are in the community, people who at a point wanted to dialogue.”

The former Presidential aspirant added that  a  war could be averted  “if we  come  together forgetting about sentiments, about differences and working  towards unity and saving the resources of this country because it is only through that that we will be able to achieve peace.”



  1. If GEJ grant boko harram Amnesty how about the innocent blood they have wasted and even render a lot homeless. All Northerners Governor and leaders has never for once condemn this faceless aboki attack. Everybody should mark my word now if all this continue GEJ will be the last president in Nigeria. The earlier GEJ relocate all Niger delta oil the better for him bcos all this Aboki are coming to reap where they did not sow. Ribadu am beginning to suspect you to be among the Boko haram sponsors.

  2. I think Ribadu has nothing to do with Boko Haram, but what he fails to recognise is that the so-called Boko Haram are people he (Ribadu do not even know. Other leaders from d region might know them, someone should first say he or she is the leader representing Boko Haram. When Buhari was nominated to negotiate why did he refused?.

  3. Mallam Nuhu Ribadu you want GEJ to grant to grant amnesty to terror group, Boko Haram so that Buhari will see the money he will use to do his campaign in 2015 never Nigeria need another war this time it will affect both the rich and poor fuck you

  4. Hmm u ppl of s/south u tink that the president is for you only, so let me tell u president of nigeria is for nigerians not s/south, boko haram are nigerians and the president must work for nigerians he should give them amnesty, becourse yar’ adua is from north and he give amnesty to niger delter miltant I see no resaon why GEJ can not give amnesty to boko haram

  5. I have always respected Mallam El-Rufai’s view but on this one, I detest his view. Infact, I passionately hate this view by Norther elites asking for Boko Haram’s amnesty. How do you grant amnesty to faceless ruthless inhuman cowards? How?

    Moreso, what they(Boko Haram) are asking for is completely off the track. It is starkly different from Niger Delta militants’ request. Where in the world is indiscriminate killing pardoned? Where? Not even Saudi Arabia can do that…

    Nigeria should be careful lest we grant amnesty to every menace Nigeria face

  6. If there’s going to be amnesty for terror group like Boko Haram; their must be someone who should stand in as Leader or Negotiator. This person(s) should be able to tell the govt their identities, numbers and why they were doing what they did? Else, what is the probability that after granting a sect amnesty; another one will not spring up. This people are terrorists; and there’s no where in the whole wide world that govt are appealed to, to negotiate with suicide bombers. This is bad precedence.

  7. Malam ribadu is totaly insane. This has clearly shown dat Ribadu is among d sponsors of d so called boko haram. May God punish all of u. Giving Amnesty to Terrorist dat kill innocent people, dat disrupt d govt. U are all mad. Insha allahu, Calamity wil reign in boko haram camp and in their sponsors’ camp. Amin

  8. No problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it!!! Am a northern who is tired of all dis mess! Am not supporting or opposing Ribadu,bt I have a question to ask! Why is dis mess taking pls only in d north? Are doz remoting it 4rm north or 4rm other part? Did d real bokoharam still existng? Are thy political thugs or some kind of people under d umbrella!…we will surely pray to GOD 4doz dat noz and kept quet shld undergoes same pain as dev don 2othr!…we d poor masses mst stand 2gthr 2ovr come dis mess our merciless leaders av cos to us,we mst len nt rely on dem,let’s unite and revolt dem,let’s unite and deal wth them!wthr muslim, christen,ibo or yoruba! Coz thy remote everthng,are thy d only set of illiterate dat went 2school….2gthr we stand….

  9. Mallam Ribadu must u reason like ur sultan? Has Boko haram said they want to dialogue? Shld those who took up arms to kill innocent nigerians be rewarded with amnesty nd fat cheques? Hw will the family of their victims feel?..thiz r some of d questions u need to answer b4 u come to the public to spew rubbish!..GEJ shld tell d Army to use more force in quelling the BH wahala!

  10. i dont blame dis stupid man, if ur whole family was killed in ur presence by boko haram, u wont be saying ‘shun sentiments’. they dont deserve amnesty, how can the govt reward unnecessary ruthless killings??????????????????????

  11. the army should kill dem on sight, so der wont be a case of escape of thier members from prisons. they dont deserve to live. they should be wiped out as dey have wiped out families. what are they arresting them for????????????????????

  12. Mallam Ribadu, i’m putting it up 2 u dat u’re among d Aboki Haram’s sponsor acording 2 ur statement, if u like instigate a civil war, but i’m putting it 2 u dat it will b d greatest mistake of d era of Aboki’s in Nigeria, cos now there’s amunition all over d place d country, unlike d first civil war where all d amunition is centered in d northern part of d country alone.