Scary: A Nigerian Killed With Kitchen Knife Like A Goat In Austria


On March,3.2013 the throat of Mr Emmanuel Chimezie Iloh (20), a Nigerian was slashed to death in Vienna, Austria with a sharp kitchen knife by Claudia L. (25) from Romania. 

Until his untimely and painful death he was an asylum seeker in Austria and was just about six months old in the country.

Iloh’s remaining body was ferried to Nigeria with the help of friends and well wishers and was buried on Saturday, March 3, 2013 in his home town in Umuona, Aguata local government area of Anambra State amidst tears and sorrow.

His killer Claudia L. is under police detention waiting for his judgement. – Global Reporters Vienna.



  1. Pls. do not think foreigners are just being slashed to death without any reason in Austria. The cse above is known to all nigerians in Vienna. The victim was a cocain dealer who might have cheated his rumanian customer or tradepartner. One reaps what she or he sows. There are nigerians who live more than 30 years in Austria and have no single case with police or any private individual. Some new nigerians who came to Austria nowadays want to be rich quick and even make jest of the old nigerians that they are too slow. I do not pity any nigerians that get involved in such a trade, they are responsible for their death or their imprisonment.


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