Security Agents, Not Boko Haram Behind Bombings – Uzor Kalu

orji-uzor-kaluFormer Abia state Governor, Dr Orji Uzor Kalu, yesterday absolved Boko Haram of some of the bombings in the northern part of the country blaming it instead on government security agents.

Kalu, who spoke in Abuja when members of the FCT chapter of the Sports Writers Association of Nigeria (SWAN) visited him, said the security agencies do this to attract more funding from the federal allocation.

Kalu said people are aware of this but refuse to speak out for fear of being victimized even as Nigerians continue to die as a result of the activities of unpatriotic public officers.

“When people like me speak, they label us. The security agencies are planting some of these bombs, not Boko Haram. This is the truth I am telling you, and people wait to see Nigerians die for them to say this is Muslims and Christians fighting,” he said.

In his reaction, police spokesman Frank Mba said “Kalu is a highly respected politician who has the right to express his opinion and by making such statement he had expressed such right. He directed the statement to his audience not the police and I will not make comment on that.”

Mba who declined mentioning if there was any instance where a bombing incidence was masterminded by a non-terror group, said “the results of investigations into bombings are classified and I cannot reveal them straight away.”



  1. Kalu has spoken the actual truth that many are afraid to tell……Must bombings in the north are carried out by terrorist group while about 40 percent are masterminded by military bcoz of the benefit they are deriving from insurgency

  2. Kalu his right,the problem of so calld boko haram is within security agent in Nigeria,startin up from the above.

  3. I hundred 100% agree with you Sir! Because any responsible person who understand the nature of the insurgency in the north and he\she can tell the truth, knows that what you said is the actual truth!

  4. You are right bcoz if no bombing they will go back 2 deir state and they don’t want 2 go back coz dey mek money 4rm the state especially big cars and taxi,every day is their bis 2 collect money in road and if you didn’t give it your tyre is colapse so militry people are our now not the boko haram

  5. I always say it, nd I will always say it. True remain the same no matter hw u hide it. Gen. Azasi say the true he end life at back yard of foolished man. this terroris act is never any religion monopoly its politician monopoly, I strongly belive almight Allah will surely brings there end.

  6. Kudos to Orji Uzo Kalu who is from the south-east but could read inbetween the lines to the things that has been happening in this country. Like he pointed out, most of the bombings thisdays are being carried out by a clandestine organisation that’s determined to see Nigeria on her knees…to see Nigeria in a 2nd civil war.

  7. The manipulators will continue to make us bliv that Christians are after Muslims and vice versa with these killings. It takes an enlightened mind to read btw the lines.

  8. That’s is it, Non of the Those Heartless Elders in the North can even talk about this…BIG SHAME On All the Elders Rulers Governors Emirs and any Other Useless Persons we have in the North.
    God Bless U Uzor Kalu.
    ..A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defence than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual doom.


  9. Henry Okah said something similar to when MEND claimed responsibility of Nigeria’s 50th Anniversary bomb blast in Abuja, Oct 2010, but were immediately exonerated by president Jonathan, saying he “knows perpetrators”. What a shame!! Truth shall continue to unveil by God’s grace! Thank God that people like you(Orji) begin to understand.

  10. You are effectively right by saying there is no BOKO HARAM except Nigeria givernment planning to kill people and cause civil war in the nation. May Allah (S) save us Amin

  11. mr. kalu you are absulutely RIGHT there are many question to those so called security agencies must answer, the situations esfecially in kano is questionable, they use to plant any bonb in order to disturve us, so every reasonable man knows there are highding agenders behind this, may Allah save us.

  12. Mr. Kalu say ye the truth. You are the kind of poeple we need in this country, that has no bias or any regional and other hagastic sentiment in thier talks. God will bless you and your family.


    • U are an animal useless bastard, u don’t want peace @ ol bastard. Whether kalu said it or not one day the truth shall reveal. Usless donkey!!!!!

    • Kalu kalu,u ar jst one of doze heartless n money monga nigerians who don’t want d truth 2 b told.I blef u ar nt a religous person ‘PEGANE’.u ar d type of pple dat wan 2 c diz our bluv country turn 2 a war zone.sumone is sayin d truth n letting d cat out of d bag n ar setting there critising.

  14. Kalu Kalu u r very stupid n heartless, in this stuation of loosing life in nig u r supporting d government if the north is on fire one way or d oda it will affect u don’t think d northerners along r suffering nig is suffering. Our Ozor Kalu thnk u for speaking d truth u said well may God make our learders to know n do wat is right

  15. Nigerian Security knows what are making in the name of bokoharram that is why they refuse to go back to their barrack, they cause many Harm to this this country though it is our government that invited them in such planning together, is only some fools don’t know the plan arguing blindly, many have been killed in the name of bokoharram by nigerian security forces and Kalu is correct.

  16. May his soul rest in peace, amen. General Aziza had said, PDP is d source of insecurity in Nigeria, and he was booted out. The GEj administration has no direction rather than causing distractions for Nigerians. Muslims are not fighting Christains cos all my In-Laws are Christains and we live and relate peacefully. We cannot be deceived any Longer and God ll expose you all!

  17. Biri yayi kama da mutum we are not surprise with your statements sir,because history shows that Northern Nigeria was the most peaceful region,you will find culture,respect of constituted authorities,commerce,agriculture,good leadership,religion where both christians & muslims were committed in the act of worship no discrimination. But today the situation is beyound us. The worst of it all is increase in Religious Intolerance,ethnic rivalry,committed leaders we don’t have leaders.

  18. Orji Uzor simply wants to curry favour from northern muslims because of his political ambition. The security opratives should watch him closely; he may be a patron of the terrorists.

  19. I guess ozor kalu has said it all. Jesus or allah does nt exist all in d heart of most naija leaders. They’v made money there new god nw. Greed, favourism, selfishness, tribalism, mediocrity n myopic way of lif hav takin oda of d day. God save naija.

  20. Orji Kalu has lost relevance in Igbo land,especially with the recent revocation of his degree certificate which has rendered him non-electable in the national assembly and presidency. So, the only way to force himself out from where he had been swept into,is to make the NORTHERNERS happy.As a wise man,he knows that what makes an average northerner happy is to EXONERATE BOKO HARAM OF ALL CRIMES AND COMPLICITY,PRAISE THEM IF POSSIBLE AS A SECT THAT IS FIGHTING A GOOD FIGHT AND THEN CORRESPONDINGLY CASTIGATE PRESIDENT JONATHAN,JTF & OTHER SECURITY AGENTS.We understand brother Orji Kalu.

  21. Orji uzo kalu u r smart but we r not fooled. U r entitled to ur opinion but u failed to tell us y a security agent will be a suicide bomber. Oh!, i see, u hav lost political relevance in igbo land nd now u seek another platform to redeem ur image. Jisie ike o, anyi ma na ibu nwa aba…loooooooolx

  22. Thank you very much Baba Orji, Mr President has many questions to answer towards the security set up of this country otherwise he is using them for his selfish interest and that is why we Nigerians are not going to give him our mandate come 2015 he either dosnt have the capacity or he has a bad plan in his mind


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